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Garena is giving away a new emote in Free Fire and here we explain the steps to follow to obtain it – FayerWayer

The day of Booyah 2021 is one of the great events awaiting the players of Free Fire. The date chosen by the development of Garena It is next November 20 and in the previous one, there are a series of activities that cannot be missed.

One of these is the new emote that Garena is giving away for squad dueling players in the Free Fire battle royale. And in this review we explain the steps you have to follow so that you can obtain this funny gesture that, we reiterate, can only be used in Squad Duels.

The emote as such is a gesture of Thanks. It is not available for use in other Garena developments, compatible with the Free Fire battle royale. And to get it, all you have to do is eliminate five players in Squad Duels mode. You will be able to do this divided into three games in the same way.

One of the recommendations that eGames makes is that you try to complete these missions alone. That is, do not let your companions in the duel do it for you. The emote is an individual award that you will get by fulfilling the aforementioned assignments.

The same portal details that to achieve it much faster, it is advisable to use grenades and long weapons. In this way you can eliminate several enemies in a single attempt and thus you will reach the goal faster.

Weekly agenda in Free Fire

Free Fire detailed its activities for this week from Monday, November 8. But that does not mean that the events are over. Obtaining weapons, objects, skins, diamonds and even time travelers will be extended until next Tuesday.

According to information from MeriStation, this is what remains before Boyaah Day 2021:

  • Friday November 12, 2021: Magic Roulette Reveal (with prizes such as UMP Booyah! Day 2021 or the Fire Bones Sickle). Also, there is a new evolution of the UMP and Booyah recharge! x 30.
  • Saturday November 13, 2021: Diamond Royale (where to get a crimson skin) and Skyler delivery – exclusive with prior access.
  • Monday November 15, 2021: Magic Roulette Release: Dragon Captain.
  • Tuesday November 16, 2021: You will be able to recharge from box x30 and special missions with rewards such as Booyah Predator, Fire Skull Parachute, Booyah Champion Table, Booyah Predator Machete and Booyah Day AWM.


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