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Get to know Brachiosaurus, a unique, giraffe-like dinosaur

INDOZONE.ID – Scientists recently discovered the oldest crab trapped in amber for 100 million years. Amber, also known as amber, is a fossil-hardened tree resin and is often classified as a gemstone.

This discovery dates back to the time of the dinosaurs and is the missing link in evolution. Citing the Independent, this small crab is believed to be the ancestor of the modern red crab which migrated to the oceans to breed. Seeing this, Dr. Javier Luque of Harvard University provides the comments.

“The specimens are spectacular, this is one of a kind. Completely complete and not missing a single hair from her body, amazing,” he told the Independent.

“In the fossil record, non-marine crabs evolved 50 million years ago, but these animals have doubled their age,” he continued.

In the fossil record, it is known that this is the most intact crab fossil. Javier says the more we study them, the more we realize that these animals are very special in many ways. Well-developed gills indicate an aquatic or semi-aquatic lifestyle.

According to CNN, the discovery of crabs in amber is up to 5 millimeters long and is most likely a baby crab. Researchers themselves say that Cretapsara proves crabs made the jump from sea to land and fresh water during the age of the dinosaurs.

Moreover, Creptasara athanata is an amphibian species. Allegedly enter into semi-terrestrial animals that migrate from land to water. This phenomenon has also been likened to the modern red crab, where mothers release their babies into the sea.

“These Miocene crabs are truly modern-looking crabs like their extant relatives. They live in trees, in small puddles,” said Dr Javier Luque.

The fossil of the crab in amber itself is in the Longyin Amber Museum, China. Citing SciTechDaily, Dr. Javie Luque first learned of this discovery in 2018 and was determined to research it.

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