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Getting to know Ambergris, the whale vomit that costs up to billions of rupiah

KOMPAS.com – Recently a woman in Thailand admitted to finding a yellowish solid while walking on the beach.

The object that smells fishy weighs 6.8 kg. When you try to burn it, one part of it melts, but when the temperature drops again, it will harden again.

He believes that the 12 inch or 30 centimeter object was either whale vomit or ambergris.

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If it is true that the object is whale vomit, it will be lucky for him because it can earn him a lot of money.

With the size found by him, whale vomit, known as ambergris, is estimated to be up to Rp. 3.7 billion.

This is because the price per gram of ambergris is estimated to be in the thousands of US dollars.

About the whale vomit

Quoting Business Today (6/19/2019), objects that have properties like wax are indeed very expensive in the market, especially in the Gulf countries.

One of the factors contributing to the high price of ambergris is its existence, which is difficult to find.

Ambergris comes from the intestines or digestive system of the sperm whale which is excreted through its mouth. One gram of ambergris is said to cost 30 times the price of a gram of silver.

Ambergris is formed from hard animal parts, such as the beak of a squid and bile substances that bind it.

Over time the mixture for it continues to build up in the whale’s digestion for years before it is released.

Some scientists think that the ambergris in the whale’s stomach can make the whale’s colon continue to enlarge fivefold and cause death.

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VIRALPRESS via THE SUN Whale vomit or ambergris found by a woman named Siriporn Niamrin (49) on the coast of Nakhon Si Thammarat, southern Thailand, on February 23, 2021. This oval-shaped object weighs 7 kilograms with a width of about 30 cm and a length of 60 cm.

Why is it expensive?

Ambergris emerged from the belly of the whale in the form of a large chunk and then floated in the ocean.

Now, when floating in the ocean and exposed to the sun, ambergris that looks like whale droppings turns hard to become like a rock.

Even though it smells fishy or resembles fish when it is first produced, the whale vomit will change in aroma over time. The smell will be sweet and smell like dirt.

Therefore, the vomit of the sperm whale has received a lot of attention from industries engaged in the cosmetics and perfume sector.

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Perfume ingredients

Whale vomit is commonly used as a scent-binding agent in perfumes and rare fragrances, such as musk.

This indescribable scent comes from the oxidation process and the combination of various elements, from the sun, sand, air, sea salt, marine minerals, and water.

This distinctive smell is desired by many perfume experts in the world.

Utilization in perfume products is supported by the nature of ambergris which can also dissolve in certain types of liquids and oils, with a slow evaporation rate.

The presence of ambergris makes the fragrance of perfume last longer.

Apart from that, quoting Whale Facts, ambergris is also used as the aroma of incense, a fragrance ingredient in cigars, the treatment of colds, headaches, protecting individuals from epidemics, and other uses, both physical, mental, and psychological.

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Whale hunting

Ambergris is also known to be found in the intestines of the sperm whale, before being vomited.

Although this item sells for a high price, the hunting of sperm whales to collect ambergris is illegal.

This is because the sperm whale is one of the animals listed under the Wildlife Protection Act.


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