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Girona cedes Les Hortes for social purposes to the City Council

The City Council of Girona and Girona FC have reached an agreement for the council to use the sports residence that the club has in the Maristes school for residential purposes of a social nature. This space, called Les Hortes, is where the young footballers who are part of the Girona Sports Football Academy usually live, and had been empty since the sports competitions were suspended due to the coronavirus crisis. With this agreement, which has the support of the educational center, the City Council will have an additional space for people or families in vulnerable situations and with housing difficulties. Les Hortes will provide an urgent and provisional response to guarantee housing for families who do not have them now, which has just complicated access to Social Services accommodation. Tomorrow the first residents will arrive, at all times the fulfillment of the precautionary measures established against the contagion of COVID-19 in this space and in their common services. Once the alarm has finished and the hotel establishments reopen and the young footballers compete again, the residence of “Les Hortes” will return to its original functionality. The agreement, meanwhile, provides for the free transfer of all these facilities by the Club to the Girona City Council, which will be responsible for the cost of the services arising from the use of the space.


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