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Google Maps will soon help you avoid the crowds

Area Busyness shows you how full a restaurant or shop is. […]

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While we all go outside a little more in the run up to the holiday season, Google Maps gives you a good reason to stay inside. A new feature that will be available for iPhones and Android phones is designed to help you avoid crowds and traffic jams.

Similar to Waze, but for people instead of cars, Google Maps will soon include an area for “Area Busyness”. The new function builds on the live traffic density function, which can be used to predict when a train is too full to be comfortable. So you can postpone your trip to another time if there are too many people there.

Google’s traffic information uses aggregated and anonymized location data to predict how busy a place will be at a given time of day. The data is broken down into an hourly chart that shows how long you can expect to wait. In addition, real-time insights from location history data are used to identify seasonal peaks, such as B. Christmas shopping, to be considered.

According to Google’s description of the feature, users tap on a neighborhood to see how busy it is at different times of the day, as well as restaurants, shops, and leisure facilities in that neighborhood.

Area Busyness will be available worldwide for Android and iOS just in time for Christmas time.

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