Griveaux-Villani, a tighter match than expected


The Republic on march must designate, on Wednesday, its candidate for the capital in 2020. The favorite, Benjamin Griveaux, faces strong competition from the mathematician Cédric Villani.

By Denis Cosnard Posted today at 10h23

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For some, the question has been settled for a long time. "We know in advance the result, Benjamin Griveaux will be invested this week by La République en marche [LRM] " says Emmanuel Grégoire, the first deputy of Anne Hidalgo at the Paris City Hall. Others are more circumspect: "I think the choice is made, but I will not put my hand to cut, and we all have a little stress," entrusts support from the former government spokesman. A pillar of the team of Cédric Villani think possible, him, to jostle the scenario: "The dynamic is on our side, our record must allow Cedric to be designated Wednesday. "

Still a little suspense, therefore, to know who will lead the LRM lists at the next municipal in Paris, and will become the main rival of the outgoing socialist mayor – and perhaps the future mayor of the capital. The three candidates still in the running, all deputies, Hugues Renson, Benjamin Griveaux and Cédric Villani, will be heard, Tuesday, July 9 afternoon, by seven to eight members of the national commission of investiture of the party. Each will have an hour and a half to detail his project, involve some of his supporters, and answer questions.

The commission, co-chaired by Jugheist MP Marie Guévenoux and former socialist minister Alain Richard, is due to make a decision. His decision will then be validated by the executive office of the presidential party, in the evening of Wednesday.

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"Two trains launched against each other"

For months, the choice seemed acquired in favor of Benjamin Griveaux. Especially since, at the end of March, Emmanuel Macron let him leave the government to devote himself entirely to his Parisian campaign.

Over the weeks, however, the situation has changed. Of the seven candidates interested initially, four have thrown in the towel: Julien Bargeton and Antonio Duarte have rallied to Benjamin Griveaux, while Mounir Mahjoubi and Anne Lebreton have recently supported Cédric Villani. So much so that the competition has turned in recent days into a sharp duel Griveaux-Villani, at the end less certain than expected. Each showed his muscles, multiplied the interventions, staged his ability to gather.

During a meeting held Thursday, July 4, Cédric Villani has gathered more than 600 supporters, and brought up online personalities like the deputy Matthieu Orphelin, close to Nicolas Hulot, or physicist Etienne Klein. Benjamin Griveaux replied three days later, with a large picnic in the company of his followers, and a support platform signed by 34 elected Parisians on


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