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Guadeloupe teaching hospital ready to deal with coronavirus-Covid-19

The spread of the virus is now such that the authorities are organizing themselves accordingly. Olivier Véran, the new Minister of Solidarity and Health, has decided to prepare France for an epidemic of Coronavirus-COVID-19. In Guadeloupe, the CHU is implementing an adaptation strategy

It was to follow up on an injunction received from the Ministry of Health that the CHU teams mobilized this Tuesday morning to certify their strategy for adapting to the virus. They have long since decided to organize themselves to differentiate the various health risks in order to identify without delay any presence of the coronavirus in the patients who are referred to them and above all, that each service is ready for any eventuality.
A strategy not to waste time and especially to isolate such patients as quickly as possible. The purpose of the meeting was precisely to guarantee such an organization. As of now, three specialized rooms have been identified and fitted out to receive patients with

Professor Pierre-Marie Rochet, head of the “infectious diseases” department

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The CHU and the ARS follow the recommendations of the ministry in this. The new Minister of Health Olivier Véran said yesterday that

the worrying international situation must prompt us to strengthen containment measures so that we are ready to react at any time to the management of a chain of transmission in our territory. “

Coronavirus update – February 24, 2020

The situation meeting held at the CHU also wanted to warn the Guadeloupeans against all unnecessary psychoses often conveyed by social networks. The strategy set up by ARS on January 25 and by the CHU confirms that to date, there are no cases of coronavirus in Guadeloupe. If the case arises, the CHU is able to receive it and treat it

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The symptoms described mainly evoke a febrile respiratory infection. Some cases also have breathing difficulties and lung abnormalities.

Generally for coronavirus infections, in more severe cases, the patient may be suffering from acute respiratory distress syndrome, acute renal failure, or even a multi-visceral failure which can lead to death. .

As with many infectious diseases, people with chronic conditions are at higher risk.

A 0800 130 000 number (free call)

The Ministry of Solidarity and Health has activated the “New Coronavirus” information platform since February 1.

A free number 0800 130 000 is accessible from a landline (free call from a landline, 7 days a week, from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Paris time) to obtain information on COVID-19 and advice if you have traveled to an area where the virus is circulating or have encountered people who have circulated there and until 7 p.m. (Paris time) for all non-emergency questions on the coronavirus.

This platform is not intended to receive calls from people who have medical questions related to their own situation: in case of doubt, if they have stayed in an area where the virus is circulating and have evocative symptoms (fever, cough, breathing difficulties), this is the 15th to call.

Basic hygiene tips

The WHO (World Health Organization) recalls basic hygiene advice.
See what the organization has to say.

7 steps to reduce the risk of coronavirus infectionhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yK4OXj-kt-Q

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