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Guardiola reveals the reason for the absence of Aguero against Leeds United

Pep Guardiola, the Spanish coach of Manchester City, revealed the reason for changing the formation against Leeds United, in the match that will start shortly.

Guardiola announced the formation of Manchester City to face Leeds United, which witnessed many absences, most notably Aguero in the attack, who was completely out of the list.

De Bruyne, Gendogan and Canselo, as well as Riyad Mahrez, are absent from the starting line-up.

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Pep Guardiola explained in his statements to the British network “BTSport”: “I have a group of players who share the same commitment to me, I see it in training, I feel this when we have daily meetings.”

He added, “It is a pleasure to be a technical director of this team. They always want to succeed and will do everything in their power to achieve this.”

Regarding Aguero’s absence: “Sergio suffers from foot disorders, and he did not train with us, after suffering within 3 or 4 days, while Laporte suffers from problems in the thigh muscles, and the doctors said that he could not play.”

On Nathan Aki: “He was injured for a long time and trained for 3 weeks. What makes me happy as a coach is to give each player minutes. Nathan is loved by his teammates, and he is happy that he can play now.”

He concluded: “I decided to start with Stirling because he is an important player for us. Everything we have achieved in the past years is impossible without him.”


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