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Half of those over 70 in Menorca accept the double dose of flu and covid

A total of 5,167 Menorcan have already confirmed to the Health Area their willingness to simultaneously receive this year’s flu vaccine and a third booster dose to protect them against covid. This figure, which could be expanded in the coming days, represents 51.5 percent of the target population targeted by the vaccination campaign that began this Monday in health centers and ends on November 25.

In total, IB-Salut has identified 10,027 residents over 70 years of age who had completed the COVID regimen with Pfizer or Moderna compounds – messenger RNA vaccines – or between 65 and 69 years old who had received the single dose of Janssen.

Of this total, 78.3 percent have already been contacted to offer them the possibility of receiving the combined flu and covid vaccine, with an injection in each arm. Compared to those who have accepted this option, who represent just over half, 12.6 percent (1,264 people) only want to receive the third dose against the covid and 8.3 percent (825) have declined both . The latter will also be able to receive the flu vaccine later, when the campaign opens to the general population.

The unknown is now focused on the answer that the 2,771 people will give who either are pending to cite (359) or have not been able to be located or have asked for more time to make a decision.

For the unwarned

The head of Nursing of the Health Area of ​​Menorca, Bárbara Duque, points out that those people who are within the target population (over 70 years old or over 65 who have been vaccinated with Janssen) and have not been cited can go to her center health and request to be included in the vaccination agendas.


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