Halloween 2019 comes to Google with a 'doodle'


Googlehas dedicated today toHalloweena new 'doodle' to celebrate a day that has become more and more a holiday around the world for young and old.

The design is an animation with animals as protagonists that allows the user to interact.

The Halloween party did not arise in the United States, as is sometimes believed, but has its origin in Celtic culture. This celebration was known as Samhain, which means the 'end of summer' and with it the end of the summer harvest and the beginning of the 'Celtic New Year' was celebrated.

The ancient Celts believed that that night, on October 31, the souls of the dead returned to our world. In order not to be attacked by them, he disguised himself with terrifying masks and clothes as a way to camouflage himself. In this way, this tradition began thatthe Romans adopted when they invaded the Celts.

Google honors historical milestones or dates marked with their 'doodles'

The Internet is a large newspaper library and therefore you can consult the most important doodles, such as the Gregorian calendar, as well as its history or creators on the following page:http://www.google.com/doodles/search

Thesesmall virtual works of art,like the anniversary of thelight speed determination, can be purchased and even decorate any type of objects such as t-shirts, stamps or skateboards through their virtual store.

The history of 'doodle'

Google usually decorates the letters of its logo to celebrate the anniversaries of famous people or key dates in the world of science or culture, such asthe birth of Charles Chaplin, the Nobel winners, the anniversary of 'El Quijote' or some relevant or novel event or the Gregorian calendar.

The famous search engine has surprised with interactive doodles such as the one he commemoratedthe 30th anniversary of 'Pac-Man',that allowed to play the famous video game.

Other prominent doodles were dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the birth of John Lennon, with a video that reviewed the imagery of the Beatle; the 60th anniversary of the publication of 'The astronauts' by Stanislaw Lem, with several mini-games,or the incredible dedicated to Les Paul, recreating a guitar inspired by the master of the six strings that allowed users to compose songs.



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