Hamas stays out of combat in Gaza between the Israeli Army and Islamic Jihad


Violence reigned for the second day in Gaza and the death toll reached 24, according to Palestinian hospital sources, including three children. Islamic Jihad continued alone with the launch of rockets against Israel, the number of projectiles exceeded 360, and the Army with bombings against this Palestinian faction linked to Iran whose military chief, Baha Abu al-Ata, was the victim of what Tel Aviv calls selective murder early Tuesday. Schools in Gaza and southern Israel remained closed, on the Hebrew side the sirens kept ringing in locations near the Strip and in Cairo meetings intensified to try to reduce tension.

«We don't attack Hamas, the objective is Islamic Jihad and that's why we avoid targets in Gaza City. We don't want to kill civilians and make excuses for Hamas to join the fight, ”said Army spokesman Hidai Zilberman. According to Israeli forces, a large part of the Palestinian dead belong to the armed group responsible for launching the majority of rockets in recent months.

Acting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu avoided holding Hamas responsible for the rocket out of Gaza, as it usually does, to focus its discourse on Islamic Jihad. With the assassination of Abu al-Ata, Israel ends the military brain of this faction and breaks the unity of action between the two groups that have led the armed resistance in Gaza since 2008. A precedent for the future.

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