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“He stabbed her in front of my eyes”

The police intervened in the rue de l’Éléphant in Molenbeek-Saint-Jean in the middle of the afternoon, around 4:30 p.m. An individual stabbed a lady several times, particularly in the back and kidneys. The victim, mother of three, unfortunately succumbed to her injuries.

According to our information, the author is her ex-husband, with whom she was in divorce proceedings. The Brussels public prosecutor’s office confirms the facts.

The victim was called Louizia, her relatives nicknamed her Saloua. She was the mother of three children, aged 14, 13 and 1 respectively.

His cousin, present at the time of the tragedy, testifies
: “This man stabbed my cousin in front of my eyes. “

► The victim had already lodged a complaint: ” The police said there was not enough evidence and there was nothing they could do. »

The intervention of several young Molenbeekois allowed the police to arrest the suspect.


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