Henry Cavill says he did not go up playing Superman


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Henry Cavill, Superman, Fear of Steel

When the sun rises tomorrow morning, THE WITCHER Henry Cavill, a series of fantasy activities which he plans to spend over a period of Netflix subscribers and some of them. With its latest venture being laid out as an epic with a GAME the potential would be like THRONES, the reason is that swords, outlets, scenes and sexual sex Cavill could be set aside soon and that require that equine beats with joy. Of course, if the mirror shows no shields about the quality of the WITCHER, and Cavill is to be a star as a Geralt of Rivia for a long time, which means that his days as a Steel Man are all done? In fact, Cavill said nay, and he is always optimistic that his time as Man of Tomorrow is not yet numbered.

Recently speaking to the good people over at Men's Health, Cavill spoke extensively with the outlet about his Superman status, and how he aims to bring one day to light again as the Marvel Metropolis.

To get started, Cavill pointed out that he seemed to be a lax on keeping up with Supes on the printed book comic page. “I am well disconnected from all of this for a long time,” Admit Cavill. “I'm very behind.”

To be fair, it is very easy to lose the thread of a comic book character as Superman to be done today. To get started, Superman solves any DC Comics titles in a broad spectrum and terminates the publisher. Hell has a win, those who are able to keep track of even half of the character's ongoing adventures for their efforts. That is to say, Cavill has no excuse for making an apology, because he is quite busy taking a break from tall buildings that jumped one attachment on the big screen. Also, do not forget that SAORMAN BATMAN V Cavill: DAWN OF JUSTICE had received $ 873 million worldwide, which would lead to a great deal of relaxation from any superhero.

However, this is something. As well as the return to the Box Office for the Bachelor V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE is of course inevitable, but grace from Superman Cavill fell with Joss Whedon, JAGICE LEAGUE. Oh, and then the gateway mustache was completely complete, where Cavill was removed Fall A fuzz face left the man of Steel looking like the winner in a Chubby Bunny game. In the end, Cavill's time as Steelman went out with a whistle rather than a bang, but is he playing the Crypton Final? Again, Cavill says.

When asked about his hope to return as Superman, Cavill said to Men's Health, although there are many reports claiming that his time as Supes has come to an end, he is not ready to give up the cape yet "

I have not given up the role. I must give your Superman yet. A lot of storytelling to be done. A lot of real depth, true to the honesty of the character I want to enter into it. I want to show the funny books. This is important to me. Superman has enough justice to do. The status is: You'll.

You have it, folks, straight from the controversial mustache mantaulator itself.

Later in the interview, Cavill was asked to present his films on Superman, including MAN of STEEL, BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE, and, of course, the much-polished JUSTICE VERSION: “A great starting point. If I were going back, I don't think I changed anything. ”

Finally, Cavill was asked if he had anything to say about BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE in particular, he said that the comedy shows are book. “Film Batman very much. And I think the darkness is great for Batman film. ” As for Supes contribution to JUSTICE LEAGUE, Cavill is to think that “He didn't work.” And do you know what? I am positive that any number of enthusiasts #ReleaseTheSnyderCut would agree with you, good sir.

The reason is that Cavill has a bright future ahead, and that fans of his work can spend a lot on him on the big and small screen in the coming years. When and if he returns back as Superman although he is still to be decided. The best thing a fan can do is to keep a finger crossed, and I hope with very exciting ads from Warner Bros. and DC down the road.

Would you like to see Henry Cavill returning to his role Superman? Please let us know in the comments section below.


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