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Here are the first sketches of the modernized Skoda Karoq!

It flies, doesn’t it? The Škoda Karoq has been on the market since 2017, so it is reaching about half of its production cycle. Given the success of the model, Mladá Boleslav is very interested in keeping Karoq “always young”, so the time is right for a smaller facelift. The first preview of the rejuvenated version of the middle SUV offered by Škoda Auto is available to us thanks to these design sketches.

Photo: Škoda Auto

Like the front end, the rear of the car has a wider impression thanks to the newly shaped bumper and lowered headlights

The first of the two design sketches shows us a view of a new “face” or bow, which will be more significantly shaped from now on. When viewed from the front, the car will be optically wider thanks to the extended hexagonal mask, which will be fitted with double ribs, under which a wide air intake can be seen.

The headlights are now lower overall, and now they reach as far as the radiator grille itself, which again expands the car visually. In the newly shaped lights, a new line of daytime running lights will shine, which will be newly divided into two segments.

If we go with our eyes away from the mask, under the second of these lines, which breaks upwards in the middle, there is a classically placed second light, serving as a fog lamp, or in the top version as a separate “LED module”, as they would say in Skoda. It then gives the car a very typical “four-eyed” look, which we have here since the Yeti, and thanks to that, even in the dark, the Karoq does not confuse anything.

For comparison: Galerie Karoq before the facelift

The second sketch then shows the new stern of the Karoq model. Following the example of Big Brother Kodiaq, the roof spoiler has been extended to help optimize airflow above the stern. In addition, there is a newly shaped rear bumper, which now gives a more “masculine” impression in terms of design, which underlines the black diffuser.

Like the front, the taillights have been lowered, so they look wider, giving the car a more straddled stance when viewed from behind. There is also a typical “crystalline” structure for Škoda cars, which emphasizes the optics of the taillights, thanks to their characteristic C-shaped graphics, it is then clear that even this time Karoq will know everyone at night.

Together with the larger Kodiaq, Karoq is also an integral part of Škoda’s so-called “SUV offensive”. Karoq cars managed to produce more than half a million, in 2020 and in the first half of this year, this model was even the best-selling SUV.


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