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Here is a map of a nude beach, a traveler can sunbathe without clothes


Many tourists who want to sunbathe naked, aka wearing nothing on the beach. Here, there is a map showing beaches for sunbathing without clothes.

Reported Travel+Leasure, Friday (23/4/2021), British swimwear brand Pour Moi created a global guide showing locations for tourists to sunbathe naked or without clothes without breaking the law. on that list there are 39 countries around the world that have nudist beaches.

“We know a lot of our customers love to take off their bathing suits while sunbathing, and with tentative steps toward opening up international travel, we want to help people find out where you can and can’t go topless while you’re sunbathing,” said Pour Moi founder Michael. Thomso.

“We are a British company and British people are stereotyped as being shy, but that’s not true. Many of us like to embrace a more naturist way in the sun! It’s great fun comparing which countries are most interested in sunbathing naked, versus which countries are nudity laws. actually in that country, “he added.

Map of the world can sunbathe naked Photo: (doc Pour Moi)

According to company research, a lot of people are looking for this free tanning option. Even at the height of the pandemic, more than 10.7 million Google searches were found for ‘nude beach’, ‘nude resort’ and ‘nude sunbathing’.

The majority of these searches were carried out by those living in the US, followed by those in Japan and Brazil. Referring to the population, it seems that the people of Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland are at the top. It proves that everyone is interested in finding out about nude beaches.

After that, the team conducted a field survey. The swimwear manufacturing team spent weeks on the beaches the Google man was looking for.

Then, they also analyze each country’s laws, open up surveys in travel forums, blogs and social media posts. They hope that the step is accurate to determine which beaches are safe and comfortable for travelers to sunbathe naked without being caught.

Then, they made a map of the nude beach to make it easier for travelers to see the nude beach.

“The 38 countries marked in red are states that prohibit all forms of nude activity, including sunbathing topless in public, is completely unacceptable or illegal,” research shows.

“Green (a total of 39 countries), is a fairly relaxed place about public topless or sunbathing naked, possible in several official and unofficial locations,” the research found.

“And, as many as 29 countries in amber indicate laws that are ambiguous or contradictory, or where there is very limited space for nude sunbathing. This place will need more research before removing your bathing suit.”

For example, in the United States, the company found 32 states that allow nude sunbathing, but it’s not legal in Utah, Indiana, South Carolina, or Tennessee, so it’s red. Conversely, many other states are highlighted in green to denote potential spots for your topless sunbathing.

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