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horseback haiti protesters: How did this photo go viral? – haiti migrants us border patrol horseback viral photo

A direct picture is emerging of how cruel the U.S. government is to immigrants. The French news agency AFP has released footage of border guards harassing hundreds of Haitians crossing the Rio Grande River near Mexico from Texas.

U.S. border guards on horseback have seen young men trying to escape on horseback, some of whom have been dragged into the river and thrown into the Rio Grande River. Paul Ratje, an AFP photographer, captured the images, which tarnish the image of the US government.

‘The youth here are on a mission to deliver food to their families, which include women and children. The guards on horseback are blocking their efforts. ‘ – Paul Ratje said about his photos. Moreover, they went viral on social media within seconds.

History repeats itself

The images, which have been widely circulated on social media, have drawn widespread criticism. The most popular was the picture of a guard on horseback holding a young man in his clothes. Moreover, Americans look at this film with a heartbeat. It drove them back a few years, that is, to the dark history of slavery.

Many people remember the picture years ago of an African man being dragged by a rope and beaten by an officer on horseback. Although many believe that the shackles of American slavery were broken in 1865, the images of 2021 point to those dark days. Many are worried about whether it will happen again.

‘These images are centuries apart. However, the new film says that America’s worst attitude towards humanity has not changed. – The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), an American civil rights organization, took to Twitter to share old and new images.

In addition, Bernice King, the daughter of the famous civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., tweeted that the United States is trying to suppress the will of the people. She said people have been divided on the basis of color and race for hundreds of years.

According to a BBC report, Native Americans may be frightened by the sight. The BBC reports that Angela Byrd, an African-born woman in Washington, D.C., said the action against Haitian immigrants was “evil and frightening.”

Meanwhile, White House spokesmen have come out with explanations as controversy erupts from across the country.

U.S. Interior Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said Monday that border officials were trying to control the flow of migrants crossing the river. He also said that he had seen reports of officials harassing migrants on horseback and would investigate the matter.

In fact, Mayorkas argues that this influx of immigrants is based on some misinformation. That is, the recent political crisis in Haiti and the frequent strong earthquakes have forced hundreds of people to flee. He further added that “there is a growing perception that the Haitian people can stay in the United States as refugees under the Temporary Protected Status.”

The AFP reported that the U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security had repeatedly said that the border with the U.S. was not open and that people should not travel dangerously. He also warned that he would be deported if he came to the United States illegally.

Moreover, Alejandro Mayorkas pointed out that the US authorities are making preparations to repatriate the Haitian people, including increasing air services, and that they will be safe in their own country.

The problem is serious, in the US crisis

White House Press Secretary Jen Zaki told reporters that the current situation on the US-Mexico border has become a major issue. Jen Zaki pointed out that there has been a huge increase in the number of undocumented immigrants compared to the last three years.

She told the media that about 15,000 young immigrants with no family were detained at the border in January and February, up from 37,000 last year. “When the Kovid expansion began in 2019, the influx of immigrants slowed and there is a possibility of an increase in immigration in the coming days,” he said.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials say 4,200 children between the ages of 7 and 13 are being held in detention centers. The figures are as of Sunday. That means an average of 565 children are removed from the border a day.

Meanwhile, in 2018, former US President Donald Trump rescinded the decision to separate undocumented immigrant children from their parents. Many Democrats, including Joe Biden, opposed the decision. However, the White House Press Secretary explained at the press conference that they were making decisions to protect children and that some of the policies of the previous government needed to be overturned. They also said that, like any other issue, they would resolve it and take steps under the leadership of the President to investigate what was happening at the border at each stage.


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