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How could he pay? England tackles Arsenal’s bizarre goal, De Gea lay injured

“I last saw something like this when I was eleven. Our goalkeeper left the goal and went for a sandwich. When we turned around, we lost zero one, “said Thierry Henry.

What happened at Old Trafford?

United just defended the corner, which was done by Harry Maguire, who headed the ball away. However, Arsenal midfielder Mohamed Elneny, who hit the ball to Smith Rowe, won the key battle for the lime.

He did not logically delay and sent the ball to the goal. But instead of a ready goalkeeper who would most likely deal with a shot on the closer pole, De Gea lay curled up in a ball and held his leg. The balloon ended up in the net.

The goalkeeper is to be protected in the penalty area. But what if a teammate accidentally hurts him?

“Martin Atkinson had no choice. He must have thought there was a foul. But he couldn’t whistle before the ball hit the goal. It would arouse much more controversy if he interrupted the game, “former referee Mark Clattenburg offered his view. “If Jadon Sancho won the lime fight and played the ball away, he would definitely interrupt the game.”

Atkinson did not acknowledge the goal at first, but then he listened in the receiver: “Fred hit De Geo’s leg, the goal is fine according to the rules.” And Arsenal took the lead.

“I understand that the referee follows the rules and there is no one who will invalidate this goal. But when you look at it and ask: What would be a sports decision? In my opinion, this goal should not pay, “said former goalkeeper Rob Green.

If United did not turn the match thanks to Cristiano Ronald’s two goals, the passions would be much greater.

“When the goalkeeper lies, the game is usually interrupted,” said Bruno Fernandes, the scorer of the equalizer. “I don’t know if it was the referee’s fault. But mistakes happen, “he added amicably.

And it’s hard to blame Smith Rowe for not behaving like Paolo di Canio 21 years ago.

When the West Ham striker Paul Gerrard noticed that Everton goalkeeper Paul Gerrard was lying on the ground outside the lime, he decided to play a center ball, which he could easily play into the deserted goal, grab with his hands and interrupt the game.

The Italian stormtrooper, who celebrated his goal here and there by cheering, thus cut one of the fairest pieces in football history.

“I don’t think Smith Rowe saw it. Di Canio caught the balloon sportily, but no one had time for that here. The ball was in the air, everyone was looking at it and Atkinson tried to dodge, “Green described.

“But as a former goalkeeper, I think we should use some common sense. When he has his back to the game, he can’t catch! ”

He himself experienced a similar situation in the English national team in a friendly match before the 2006 World Cup against Belarus. He was injured when he kicked away from the goal, while the ball was lubricated by Vitaly Kutuzov, who had no problem kicking him into the goal. The goal was scored and the English “béčko” lost 1: 2 to the outsider.


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