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How did Galkins and Sobchak argue about contemporary art? – Celebrities – Apollo.lv – Entertainment

In mid-August, a sculpture “Great Clay # 4” (2013-2014) created by the Swiss artist Urs Fischer (b. 1973) was erected in Moscow.

The work of art has caused a heated debate in society. The strongest opinion was expressed by the husband of the Russian pop diva Alla Pugacheva, humorist Maxim Galkin, publicly calling the work of art a “shit pile”.

“Forgive me, Urs Fischer and the foundation that set this up. If I understand correctly, it’s not about taxpayers’ money, it’s a private investment. But that doesn’t deny the fact that

it looks like a 12 meter high not-too-neat shit pile. It’s just a nightmare! “Galkins said on Instagram.

Kalkia Sobchak, a popular TV figure in Russia, was quick to oppose Galkin. In response to Galkin’s remarks, she shared a long post on her social network Instagram.

“I came up with such a revolutionary idea! If you see shit around and you see shit all over and you see shit in everyone, then this problem clearly has something to do with you.

Here is what I will say now. There is one stylish artist, Urs Fischer, who exhibited everywhere, all the way to the Jumex Museum in Mexico and the Venice Art Biennale, and whose sculpture stood next to the Michelson Museum, which will soon open. What do people see in this job? What do they write about it on social networks? These are good questions, but I have an even better question: what do they not see in themselves?

It’s all based on that: people don’t want anything new, they don’t want to go into it, they don’t want anything modern.

Although Galkin did not want to get involved in discussions about the value and meaning of a work of art, he answered Sobchak: “Modern art exists, I don’t deny it. I love it! I’m not used to showing my art collection. Art can be modern, antique, anyway. But art in the very center of the city, in the capital, has to be talented. I say this work is mediocre.

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