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How Greysia Polii and Apriyani Rahayu Use Their Winning Prize Money at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Greysia Polii and Apriyani Rahayu succeeded in making Indonesia proud at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Defeating the Chinese team, Greysia Polii and Apriyani Rahayu managed to bring home the gold medal.

A series of prizes were also obtained by Greysia Polii and Apriyani.

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Both were promised to get Rp 5 billion as a bonus from the Government of Indonesia.

They also received a series of other bonuses from the public, including Rp 500 million from the President of Arema FC, Gilang Widya Pramana, and Rp 500 million from Grab Indonesia.

Not only cash, Greysia Polii and Apriyani Rahayu also received gold savings from PT Pegadaian.

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In addition, other prizes that can be obtained are a plot of land, a house unit, free coffee for life, and franchise aci meatballs.

Showered with windfall, both Greysia Polii and Apriyani are both grateful for being able to live off their jobs as athletes.

When asked by Deddy Corbuzier how the women’s doubles used the billions of bonuses earned, Apriyani admitted that she kept the money for savings.

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“It’s definitely for saving, Mas Deddy,” Apriyani said as quoted by Antara Kompas.com from Deddy Corbuzier’s YouTube channel, Thursday (23/9/2021).

Apri also admitted that the family prospered by buying land and houses for them.

He did not forget to set aside his money for investment, as a safeguard for his future.

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“I definitely invest for the future, for the future. That’s just what I want to do again,” he said.

Currently, Apri has not thought about building a business using the bonus money he got.

Meanwhile, Greysia Polii, as an athlete who already has a small family of her own, admits that she can use the money from her job as an athlete to support her life.

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“Now I’m in the badminton world, which seems to be able to support me and my family’s life, and now I’m married, and there are things I want to aim for,” he said.

Even though she has a husband who is in charge of supporting her, Greysia Polii said that her life partner has always supported her work as an athlete.

“We are always there, thank God, my husband also supports us support also. There always is budgeting,” said Greysia Polii.


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