How Mélenchon wants to transform his "political process" into a forum


"You can put me in prison, make me ineligible, I'm not afraid! (…) The Republic is me! "It was eleven months ago, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, leader of France Insoumise, denounced live on Facebook, the searches conducted at the headquarters of his movement and his home in the context of two preliminary investigations of the Paris prosecutor's office , entrusted since to an examining magistrate.

VIDEO. Mélenchon is filming in full search at his home

In front of the cameras, the leader of the Rogue, out of him, called his close to force the doors, jostled a representative of the floor and a policeman … A blow of mouth worthy of the plaster of the captain Haddock for the number 1 of the Insoumis, which explains in part the strong decline of the movement to the Europeans (6.3% of the votes against almost 20% in the 2017 presidential election) as the departure of several historical frameworks of the party …

VIDEO. Mélenchon jostles a prosecutor and police officers at the head office of France insubordinate

And yet! The one who denounced then a "huge operation of political police", sinks again the nail: whereas him and five elected Resubmission are judged Thursday and Friday by the court of Bobigny for "acts of intimidation against the judicial authority, rebellion and provocation Mélenchon considers himself this time the victim of a "political trial." "

The deputy of Marseilles proclaims, cries and writes even on some 180 pages of his book "Et So de suite", which has just been published by Plon. A Mélenchon returning from a trip of several weeks in Latin America, the land of the Lula, Chavez and other Kirchner, major inspirers for this former socialist minister Lionel Jospin, a "populism" left. A Mélenchon who does not hesitate to assert with ardor, in an interview with the JDD, that South America is "the only place where resistance to neoliberalism has triumphed at the polls".

A comeback in force after a notable absence at the summer universities of his movement at the end of August, which fueled rumors and questions about the political future of the former presidential candidate. Questions that Mélenchon has decided, multiplying in recent days, on the plateaux and soon on the shelves of bookstores. And by making a spell to all those who already committed it to the groans.

His anger described as the expression of a will

Better, the alchemist Mélenchon has decided to transmute the lead into gold, to transform his misbehavior strategy, to make his legal woes a political line. His anger, which has clouded his presidential horizon despite his words, would not be a loss of coolness, but the expression of a will. "What I propose is ample," he told psychoanalyst Gérard Miller, close to France Insoumise. We want to make a Constituent, we want to change all the production, we want to change life … And we would like me to say that in a low voice, with the chafouine look of a first in the class? "

As for his trial, the tribune Mélenchon already knows, because he thinks and believes it, that "justice will not be done". "Such has become the atmosphere with the Macronist regime," wrote Mélenchon in his book. It has opened a very special cycle of violence where the politicization of justice and the police plays a key role. Is it still a rule of law that macronie? And to denounce at length of pages and interviews the "authoritarian drift" of the regime. Police violence against yellow vests, drowning of Steve Maïa Caniço, in Nantes, death of Zineb Redouane in Marseille …

And too bad if this expert in dialectics contradicts himself, pinning, on the one hand, an executive who would no longer control the judiciary or the police, but repeating that his trial remains a political one, because the method that makes the political process ".

As an introduction to his book, Jean-Luc Mélenchon quotes, as he likes to do, Victor Hugo. Forgetting in passing that the committed writer, even during the popular uprising of the Commune, had always sided with the Republic faced with the potential excesses of an angry people.


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