How much would Greg Schiano's result be on Rutgers


Greg Schiano is officially back to his old stamping grounds.

Rutgers' department of athletics formally announced Tuesday that Schiano would return as head coach of the football team after a significant period with the program from 2001 to 2011. Schiano, 53, was appointed following the approval of the Board of Governors. university.

“Rutgers University and this football program sent me the world and my family,” said Schiano, who is Wyckoff, a native of New Jersey, in a release. “I arrived here in 2000 with the aim of building a program that would be a source of pride for the New Jersey situation and the development of big young men. I look forward to taking on that challenge again. This is a great opportunity for everyone of Rutgers to pull together to bring us back to where we all know that we belong to us. It will take everyone on this campus and in Rutgers State to do this. ”

Discussions broke out last week between Rutgers and Schiano, and both sides were unable to reach an agreement. But talks revived in mid-week, and an eight-year agreement, $ 32 million was hit early on Sunday morning.

Among the many bonuses for qualifications and on-site training and academic staff, the contract has a $ 50,000 bonus – which the Post received a copy of three applications under the Open Public Records Act – if Rutgers gets 20,000 season tickets At least, Schiano will receive an extra $ 50,000 for each of the following season ticket thresholds: 24,000, 28,000 and 32,000. Rutgers sold less than 17,000 season tickets in 2019, having achieved almost 32,000 in 2015.

In addition, Schiano will have a budget of $ 7.75 million to employ assistants, almost three times the previous budget.

There is no firm commitment to the construction of new football facilities other than Rutgers' printable receipt. A new football headquarters and a multi-practice indoor practice practice are both “essential and desirable.” Former Chris Ash coach, cast in September, did the same but Rutgers never progressed.

In the absence of a design or timeline, the contract states that 50 per cent of the projected cost of the project – possibly $ 150 million, according to NJ Advance Media – would need to be raised privately before the school approves the approval of the Board of Governors.

“Today, we open the next big chapter for Rutgers football,” said Rutgers athletics director, Pat Hobbs, in a statement. “The Schiano trainer is the best person to direct our program. It provides a quality of leadership and integrity that will all be proud of us in the years ahead. I couldn't be more fun for the student athletes and our fans. There is a lot of hard work ahead, but we will all keep together with the Coach to make it a success in Big Ten. We all know what the goal is and we make a big contribution. ”

After leaving Rutgers in 2011 for his pioneering training position in the NFL with the Buccaneers, Schiano had submitted a combined record 11-21 through two seasons with Tampa Bay before joining the 2013 season. Ohio State in advance short with the Patriots, where he resigned unexpectedly before the staff could even advertise the rent.

– With Ryan Dunleavy

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