How to see your child born and win an OK League match


Early in the afternoon on Tuesday, Jaume Llaverola, the veteran goalkeeper at the Garatge Plana Girona, grabbed the cell phone and sent a message to his coaches, Ramon Benito and Marc Comalat, excusing himself that he would be at the party of the night against Lloret. It was a matter of hours that his first child was born, in Met (from the diminutive of James), and obviously he did not want to lose it. Llaverola still did not know that she would live a magical afternoon, because in the end she played, although with her heart accelerated to have been a father for the first time only a few hours before. Engrossed by his wife once the child had already been born, the Girona clinic came to life, he arrived in Palau with the time just to change and to make a little warm up, and he put himself under the posts. And it was, moreover, a determining factor to leave the victory in the derby at home, with merit stops.

He had spent too many days he and his partner, Teri Castro, were waiting for him in Met. Initially the party was scheduled for the 17th, "but the child did not want to leave," the player explained yesterday, and that is why last weekend he did not travel with the team in La Coruna to visit the Liceo. In Met, he was expected to end up on Tuesday afternoon, three hours before the derby. "It was a long part but in the end everything went very well and both the mother and the baby are perfectly," he stressed. A little later, about 3/4 of 8, the mother, the father and the child were already in the room sharing the first moments with family.

And then it was when the hockey and derby appeared against Lloret on the scene. "My wife was polishing, there was also her sister, and suddenly he took me and said" go, shoot, you're going to play, "says Jaume Llaverola about how Teri encouraged him to go to Palau. He put it, yes, a single condition: "Let's win the game, because it was very important." The goalkeeper still had to ruminate a few more moments because "I did not want to leave her alone, neither she nor the child, and we also came from a day of great tension, without eating, with many nerves … but In the end I called the technicians and I said yes, that would play. " At 1/4 of 9, 45 minutes before starting the game, he came to Palau «with the right time to change me quickly, warm up a quarter of an hour and start playing».

The difficulty to concentrate

Bregat in a thousand and one battles, with a resume that includes World and European Championship with the Spanish team, and Cups of Europe, the CERS, Super Cups, Leagues and Cups of the King along his career in clubs like Igualada, Barça and Liceo, in Llaverola it was not easy for him to concentrate on the game. "He had the image of the boy in the head," he confessed yesterday, despite his efforts to be only awaiting the leaders of Lloret. He barely did not do it, because he could leave the goal line to zero, "a pretty strange thing in a hockey game," and he could dedicate the victory to his wife and son, the day he finished to be born. It was, in addition, "a rare game, where we all played a lot. Lloret, so as not to fall asleep, and we, to take another step forward and try to keep fighting to enter the Copa del Rey, we have to touch it all but there is still a lot left ». It was a mad afternoon, but it came out perfect. "The scriptwriter could not have written it better," he joked yesterday.

At the end of the party the emotions exploded. Fans and fans had already received a lot of warmth, but later, in the dressing room, there was more. They gave her the typical cake with diapers and a teddy «and they made me the happiest man in the world on such a special day». Almost midnight he returned to the Girona clinic. His wife already knew that the team had won. It ended a day of nerves, tension, emotion and also learning: "When he listened to the parents saying that the best day of his life was that of the birth of his children, he thought that yes, that he surely was very well, but that 'There should be others, beautiful days. Now I must give them the reason, because such an experience is unique. "

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