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how to sell dollars at a blue price and without operating on the stock market

Some they sell dollars for necessity. Others, to take advantage of the rise in price. Whatever the case, in Argentina of the exchange rate, for a common saver it can be complex to do this operation legally and even Reasonable price, that is at least close to the one recognized in the informal or blue market (this Tuesday, $ 192).

Whoever tries to make the sale for home banking you will receive just $99 per dollar, the official quote. The most sophisticated savers, therefore, go to the bag and operate with bonds to access the exchange rates known as MEP and CCL, now in about $179 per dollar.

Is that the only legal alternative? No. Is it the most profitable today? Either. These days, there are dollar sellers who are being able to collect $ 184 O $187 per dollar taking advantage of a new “anti stocks” trick It does not require going to the Stock Exchange.

It is a maneuver with cryptocurrencies and 100% online that more and more people choose because, in addition to paying a little better than the MEP, it is simpler and more intuitive for the inexperienced audience.

It is also, faster: Not having parkingIt is not necessary to wait for the next business day to receive the pesos in the savings account. On few hours it can be completed.

It is possible to exchange dollars for pesos legally and almost at a blue value, but you have to be encouraged to use cryptocurrencies. Photo: Bloomberg.

What does it take to sell dollars at a blue price using cryptocurrencies?

To do this sales maneuver, which some call “crypto dollar“or” bitcoin dollar “, you need to have:

  • On the one hand, a savings bank in dollars bank and a savings bank in pesos bank.
  • On the other hand, a cryptocurrency wallet account, that can be opened for free registering on one of the websites known as brokers, exchanges or digital “exchange houses” (this point will be expanded further below).

Those three accounts, yes or yes, they must be in the name of the same person.

Step by step, how do you perform the maneuver with cryptocurrencies to sell dollars at a blue price?

1. Must deposit the dollars that you want to sell in the corresponding bank savings account.

2. Por home banking, send the dollars to the cryptocurrency account. How? With a simple transfer to the CBU that the broker informs as a way to enter dollars.

3. On the broker’s website or app, enter the “purchase” menu and acquire cryptocurrency paying with dollars. In minutes, the “greens” will disappear and the equivalent amount of the chosen cryptocurrency will be credited, according to the current price.

4. Right away, on the same platform, it is ordered sell those cryptocurrencies newly acquired, but this time choosing receive pesos in return, also at market value.

5. Finally, in the crypto platform, you enter the section of extractions to send the collected pesos to the bank savings account.

From dollar to crypto and from crypto to pesos: this is the route that allows you to sell green tickets at a higher price.  Photo: Reuters.

From dollar to crypto and from crypto to pesos: this is the route that allows you to sell green tickets at a higher price. Photo: Reuters.

Emiliano Limia, voice of the broker Buenbitexplained to Clarion that currently both the purchase of cryptocurrencies with dollars and their sale for pesos have become “very common operative” in Argentina.

In addition, they are considered in the sector legal since technically a direct sale of dollars is not being carried out, but two operations different consisting of exchange traditional money for digital securities that are not officially recognized as currencies.

“The sale of crypto it is not prohibited in the country, and even cryptocurrencies can be used to buy goods or real estate, “added Limia, whose company has just signed an alliance with the dealer Espasa to allow the acquisition of cars with cryptocurrencies.

In which cryptocurrency websites can you do the operation to sell “crypto dollar”?

There are many “exchange houses” or brokers cryptocurrencies, but not all admit that their customers enter dollars to the account to operate, something essential for the described maneuver.

Among which yes they have enabled This possibility is highlighted by the aforementioned Buenbit, as well as Letsbit, Sesocio and Decrypto. To open a wallet-account in any exchange It is enough to register by entering personal data, take photos of the DNI and take a selfie.

What cryptocurrencies should be used as a tool to sell dollars?

The most recommended by experts for beginners is to use the stable cryptocurrencies (stablecoins), which -as detailed in this note- always are equivalent to dollars, almost in 1 to 1 parity and no surprises. Among the most popular “crypto dollars” are DAI, Tether (USDT), USD Coin (USDC) and BUSD.

For example, this Tuesday, October 26, who had 100 dollars to sell I could send them to Buenbit, buy with them 95,60 DAI, resell those DAIs to $ 18.652 and withdraw that amount to the bank account.

In total, an implicit exchange rate of $186.52​ per dollar, higher than the MEP of the moment ($ 179) and only a few pesos below the blue ($ 192).

Similarly, in Letsbit, with 100 dollars were obtained 95.24 USDT, resalable immediately to obtain $ 18.381: from end to end, it was thus possible to sell dollars at almost $ 184 for each.

When selling dollars, in the market

When selling dollars, in the “crypto” market you get almost as many pesos as in the “blue”. Photo: Reuters.

Can all this be done with the most popular cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin and ethereum? Yes. And perhaps in some moments it will be possible to obtain a slightly higher exchange rate.

The risk is that, as they are very volatileIn the middle of the maneuver, its price could suffer jumps that alter the expected result (for better or for worse).

How to know, before starting, how many weights will be obtained with the maneuver?

All the brokers report the purchase and sale quotes of the moment for the different cryptocurrencies, both in pesos and in dollars, and they even have calculators for simulate the result of each of the transactions.

A value will be obtained that way very approximate to the amount in pesos that will end up reaching the bank account. This as long as the maneuver is carried out in the shortest possible time.

What is also important to consider is the commissions decade “exchange house“crypto. Buenbit and Letsbit, for example, they do not impose charges extra. But others brokers, when removing the weights, they retain a 1,2% or a 1,5% of the amount, which does not necessarily translate into a less convenient exchange rate.

It is also recommended to consult, before making any transaction, what are the amounts minimums and maximums of the chosen platform, both to enter and to withdraw money.



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