Huawei pledges $ 1.5 billion for developers


As he goes through one of the worst crises in his history, Huawei wants to show that he has a lot to offer the world of tech. Four years after the launch of its developer program, China's telecoms giant will reinvest an additional $ 1.5 billion in this initiative that allows these software professionals to design applications using the various technological bricks (artificial intelligence, augmented reality, photo sensors …) of Huawei.

The announcement was made this Wednesday in Shanghai at a major annual conference of the group. Meanwhile, Huawei reiterated that it was ready to license its 5G technologies to third-party groups, as its founder, Ren Zhengfei, told the press last week. A gesture that is similar to a policy of outstretched hand and which could signal a change of business model for the Chinese giant.

Huawei private Google Play Store

On the first file, the ultimate goal is to support a community of 5 million developers, against 1.3 million today. Huawei had already invested $ 1 billion at the launch of the project in 2015. From now on, this new envelope must help the Chinese champion to retain other partners, while its relationship with traditional US suppliers, such as Qualcomm or Google, are still in the dark.

Mid August,

    the United States gave Huawei extra breathing room, allowing it to buy from its US partners for 90 days. But past the new deadline of November 19, the multinational of Shenzhen could well be naked.

Huawei also needs non-US partners he must unveil, this Thursday in Munich, its new smartphones, the Mate 30. Both phones will ship well Android, the operating system of Google, whose source code is freely available on the Internet. On the other hand, Google has confirmed to "Echos" that because of US sanctions, it could not provide Huawei applications from the Play Store which are the subject of separate licenses.

"We will have, as often at Huawei, a technological gem, except that this time, there will be no applications, sums Thomas Husson, Senior Analyst at Forrester. This will inevitably have a negative impact on sales. "

60 commercial contracts on the 5G

Huawei therefore has every interest in attracting developers to feed its own app store, the AppGallery, as well as its home operating system, Harmony OS.
Huawei launched its system this summer,

    after at least seven years of work, to reduce its dependence on Android, the Google system that runs all its smartphones since 2009. But without a sufficiently rich suite of applications, HarmonyOS may well remain an empty shell.

In contrast, Huawei's position on the 5G is more comfortable. Despite intense lobbying by the United States of their allies to remove the construction of 5G networks, the Chinese group managed to win 60 commercial contracts, against 48 for Nokia and 47 for Ericsson. To dispel fears of pro-Beijing spying, Huawei is now ready to license its 5G technology to competitors. This project was mentioned twice by the founder of Huawei, then again this Wednesday in Shanghai, a sign that he could be on track.


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