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Hundreds of Dayah Leaders in North Aceh Participate in Socialization Regarding Mass Vaccination

Metropolis.id Hundreds of dayah leaders in North Aceh Regency participated in the socialization of the mass vaccination plan for santri and dayah teachers. The activity was carried out in the hall of the North Aceh Regent’s Office in Landing, Lhoksukon District, Tuesday (5/10/2021).

The socialization presented the main resource person, the Aceh Regional Secretary, Dr. Taqwallah, M.Kes, who explained the importance of mass vaccination to quickly achieve the condition of herd immunity from the transmission of the Covid-19 virus outbreak.

In front of 197 dayah leaders and heads of health centers, Taqwallah explained in detail about the risk of infectious diseases caused by viruses. This is even more so because of the Covid-19 virus which is very dangerous to human life.

Taqwallah, who is also the former Head of the Seunuddon Health Center, explained for almost an hour about the dangers of the virus that has greatly disturbed global life today.

“I invite Tengku-Teungku and all leaders of the dayah, so that this explanation can be passed on to the students, parents and guardians of students, and teachers in the dayah, so that all can understand correctly and the importance of vaccination,” said Taqwallah. .

Taqwallah invites all parties to be role models in mass vaccination activities, as well as invite others in accordance with their respective trusts and responsibilities.

“All these diseases are the destiny of Allah SWT, human beings are only obliged to try to take care of themselves, take care of their families, the environment of responsibility and society,” he explained.

The corona virus, said Taqwallah, is transmitted from human to human through breathing or splashes. This virus damages the lungs in a relatively very short time. To break the chain of transmission, namely by wearing masks, maintaining distance, washing hands, and through vaccination.

Vaccines, continued Taqwallah, are expensive and their availability is limited. Therefore, the availability of vaccines is carried out nationally by the government. The main target is to achieve herd immunity (community/group immunity) with a vaccination target of around 75 percent of the population.

He explained, vaccines are proven to increase body immunity and group immunity. The Covid-19 vaccination process in Aceh initially targeted a limited number of health workers, public service officers, and the elderly.

In the next stage, vaccination is carried out for school residents, namely teachers and students. Currently, vaccination is programmed for dayah residents, namely for santri and dayah teachers, with the target being carried out between 1 to 15 October 2021.

According to Sekda Taqwallah, the Aceh government is currently trying to get all the people to immediately get vaccination services.

As of October 1, 2021, the people of Aceh who have received the first dose of vaccination are 1,020,155 people. They are 61,274 health workers, 29,564 elderly residents, 304,767 public service officers, 599,301 vulnerable people and the general public, and 25,249 teenagers.

On that occasion, Taqwallah invited the leaders of the dayah to remind each other, help each other, and cooperate with each other to make vaccination successful in the North Aceh region.

“For students who have been vaccinated, don’t hesitate to invite friends and family to be vaccinated,” he said.

Secretary of the Council for Recitation and Remembrance of Tasawuf Tauhid and Fiqh (Tastafi) of North Aceh Regency, Tgk H Zulfadli said his party fully supports the vaccination program for Dayah residents. However, the implementation must be carried out in a very modest and wise manner, and begins with qualified education for students and parents of students, so as not to cause uncomfortable conditions for the dayah residents.

“Don’t let any santri leave the dayah because they are worried about vaccinations,” hoped Waled Landeng, Tgk Zulfadli’s nickname.

North Aceh District Secretary Dr A Murtala, MSi, in his directive asked the Heads of Health Centers to immediately coordinate with the local dayah leaders, to consult to find the best and wise way. Murtala also asked the vaccinator officers to vaccinate in a way that is full of family, polite, and humane.

“Invite the students to talk, ask if there were any complaints before being vaccinated, educate them about the benefits of the vaccine and its effects on themselves and on others if they are not vaccinated. This heart-to-heart education is very important, so that they can receive this vaccination comfortably and calmly,” said Murtala.

Mass vaccination socialization for dayah residents which was held in the hall of the North Aceh Regent’s Office, Tuesday, October 5, 2021, was attended by 197 dayah leaders and 32 Puskesmas heads.

Also present were the Head of the Aceh Dayah Education Office Zahrol Fajri, SAg, MH, North Aceh Secretariat Assistant I Dayan Albar, SSos, MAP, North Aceh Dayah Education Office Head Abdullah Hasbullah, SAg, MSM, North Aceh Health Service Head Amir Syarifuddin, SKM, representatives from Kodim 0103/Aut, representatives from North Aceh Police and Lhokseumawe Police, Chair of the North Aceh MPU, leaders of ulama organizations, santri organizations, and religious organizations.(ril)


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