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I had nerves, did not hide Trpišovský. And he was glad the fans didn’t whistle for his team

Vlastimil Vacek, Right

Even though you knocked down the league leader in a direct confrontation and celebrated a 2-0 win, you don’t look very happy.

Pilsen plays really well and I was looking forward to football up and down. I don’t want to blaspheme, because of course I’m happy for the victory. This is a huge bonus for the future of our players. After all, some boys played such a match for the first time in their lives. But in football, the match was not of a good standard. And football with a big F was definitely not. It wasn’t very visible.

The match was fundamentally marked by a red card for the Pilsen Butcher after only eleven minutes.

We went into a match with a plan and this changed its character. Pilsen defended well and gave us no space. It thickened the block well in front of the penalty area. Over time and changes in the line-up, we managed to get into chances and complete one situation. But it was not a good performance for us. We didn’t make much of an impact in the offensive phase. There weren’t many interesting moments, rather a lot of fouls. The result is the only positive for us.

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Immediately after the break, Stanciu and Staněk went into the game, who benefited a lot from Slavia’s speech. Haven’t you considered deploying them during the first half?

We considered deploying them earlier. The typology and tasks of some players have changed with the exclusion of Butcher. They are two players who are strong in combination and in the final solution. But the players who started the match did not deserve a substitution before the break. We changed Baha for health reasons. And Hromada was in the basic line-up for certain tactical reasons, but with the weakening of Pilsen, his tasks changed completely.

The triumph of Slavia was sealed in the setting by Michael Krmenčík. After previous matches, you spoke to his address with České Budějovice and the Olomouc Sigma quite critically. Did you believe that the match could be decided? That he will have increased motivation against the parent club?

We talked to him like everyone else. We encouraged him to focus on the game and football stuff. Its deployment was offered because we had a numerical advantage and on the left side of the field Plavšiče with a quality center. We believed that Pernica and Hejda would have to pay more attention to him, so it would be easier for us to get through the middle of the field. Another factor for his deployment was his height, because the opponent had the upper hand in the air from the beginning of the match. He helped us a lot in defensive and offensive standards. We needed its height in both penalty areas.

Against the usual habits, he celebrated a goal very emotionally against his former employer. What did you say about his behavior?

I don’t want to comment on that. It’s his business. I’m glad he’s in Slavia and he scored the first goal of the game.

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Have you ever experienced a match where your team played against an opponent in eight?

Never. Once at a lower level, we started a match in eight people because we didn’t meet, and then when one of the boys got injured, the match didn’t play … It’s a very non-standard situation. I tried to encourage the players to concentrate for the second or third red for Pilsen, respectively. It is a terrible habit for the defender to not have a single opponent around them for twenty meters. And even such matches can be lost. That’s why I’m happy that Ondra Lingr pushed the ball into the net.

Do you approve of the trend that, after the events of the previous days, when the judges did not rule out Spartan Dočkal, Mladá Boleslav’s Matějovský or your Hromád for sharp interventions, set a different standard, and in your match they punished all gross interventions with a red card?

We have to protect the health of the players, then we will see good football. It is clear that football fouls are harmful. Because of them, people don’t go to stadiums. We all want to see as much football as possible. The decision must be for the good of offensive play. But in reality, those situations often look different than on video … So the easiest way is to just not do such interventions.

Ondřej Lingr from Slavia Prague celebrates with his teammate a goal to 1: 0

Vlastimil Vacek, Right

With regard to the course, did you enjoy the final thank you to which the fans called you?

I can’t even describe how happy I was that people didn’t whistle at the boys during the match and were patient. We didn’t play well. I had nerves … Sometimes boys do everything to the fullest, but they just don’t have the right confidence. I am glad that the favor of the spectators did not turn away and they pushed us to the winning end.

What did the match show you in terms of the title fight and hopes for the fourth championship coronation in a row?

That we have a lot of work to do. Pilsen showed that it has great power. She arrived perfectly prepared, she managed the weakening perfectly. It is no coincidence that he leads the league table. There are reserves in our game, we need to get together.

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