"I want you to act": Greta Thunberg calls on the US Congress on Climate


Washington – "I want you to act": in a few words, the young face of the fight for climate Greta Thunberg Wednesday called on the US Congress to unite behind the scientists who warn about the extreme urgency to mobilize against reheating.

Baby face but ultra-determined look, the little teenager took place in front of Democratic and Republican parliamentarians in jeans and sneakers, with three other young environmental defenders.

"I did not come to make prepared statements", said the 16-year-old Swede.

Instead, it provided the urgent report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which warns of the urgent measures needed to contain global warming in time.

"I want you to listen to the scientists. And I want you to unite behind science", she said before adding, without appeal:

"And then, I want you to actually act".

Explaining later that she had met people whose entire neighborhoods had been destroyed by natural disasters "accentuated by the climate crisisshe warned: "It will only get worse if we push back".

"It's not about political views or my opinions, but about science"said the girl who has Asperger's syndrome, a form of autism.

With her, three other young activists against climate change also made dark, passionate speeches during this hearing in the House of Representatives on the "international climate crisisJamie Margolin, Vic Barrett and Benji Backer.

Describing himself as a conservative, the latter spoke directly to the climate scientist Donald Trump, who removed the United States from the Paris climate agreement:

"Mr. Trump: climate science is founded, it's not a hoax".

"My generation does not care about climate change policy. We just want (…) realistic answers", launched Benji Backer.

In stark contrast, the US president announced shortly afterwards that he was revoking California's power to set its own automotive pollution standards, more stringent than in the rest of the country, continuing its action against regulations meant to protect the environment .

– "A planet that collapses"-

Welcoming all the commitment of the young militants who came to testify, the elected Republicans and Democrats of the lower house clearly explained their differences on the issue.

If he said to himselfagreement on the need to act decisively", Garret Graves, number two of the commission on the climate crisis, thus affirmed that the United States had"peaked in the face of the rest of the world"on lowering greenhouse gas emissions, unlike other more polluting countries, pointing fingers at China."We need to make sure that we move forward rationally".

"You promise us lies", launched the young Jamie Margolin to all the elect."The truth is that my generation inherited a collapsing planet".

The Giec report quoted by Greta Thunberg warned in 2018 that in order to contain global warming, CO2 emissions should fall well before 2030 (-45% by 2030) and the world reach carbon neutrality in 2050.

Arriving in New York on August 28 after crossing the Atlantic aboard a ship zero carbon emissions, the Swede multiplies since meetings and events to defend his cause, always avoiding to put forward.

In Washington since last week, she remains, in general, silent to give voice to other young people: a demonstration in front of the grids of the White House, a press conference with indigenous leaders of South America, or later Wednesday, with children suing the US government for its inaction.

After having the honors of a meeting with Barack Obama, and the awarding of the prize of "ambassador of conscienceAmnesty International's Greta Thunberg will travel to New York for the giant parade on September 20, which is expected to put pressure on world leaders attending the UN climate summit on September 23.


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