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“I was not at the friend’s, I was elsewhere …” (video)

The “Z’amours” plateau often gives rise to cocacious and unusual moments. This Saturday, November 21, it is the interventions of Lydie and Mickaël, in a relationship for 20 years, which sowed discomfort in the show. It must be said that the lovebirds have chained the anecdotes more crazy than each other. “My friend introduced me to Mickaël and he was the only one who was”, begins Lydie, to explain the circumstances of their meeting. “He had a bowl cut… I mean, he wasn’t cool.” I didn’t take it despite ”. And to Mickaël to add: “She found me ugly at the beginning”.

When asked, “About what did you say to yourself,” I can’t trust my man, “the couple then confided in on the infidelities of Monsieur. “He leaves in the evening telling me that he is going to have a small beer with a friend and that he will arrive in an hour, but after five hours, he is still not there,” says Lydie. And indeed, Mickaël continues by explaining that he “was not at the friend’s house, but elsewhere … To see another young lady”. “What did you cheat on her?” “Wanted to clarify Bruno Guillon in the face of these evasive statements. “Yes that’s it, but it was at the start of the meeting”, justified the candidate, between two embarrassed laughs.


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