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I wouldn’t mind defeating the Czech Republic, Osaka surprised. Bouzková pushed her to apathy

Whenever he stands on the court, he is under the microscope, and at the grand slam separately. Japanese tennis player Naomi Osaka was the protagonist of Monday’s evening program of the US Open. The Czech Republic Marie Bouzková definitely did not spare her favorite, she even worked out eight breakballs, but in the end she clearly lost 4: 6 and 1: 6. The winner then admitted that she didn’t even care if she won or not.


“I was nervous, but not under pressure,” then Naomi Osaka got the most out of herself Video: Associated Press

Increased media attention around Osaka has been stretching since the French Open in May, where the Japanese woman did not want to go to press conferences, eventually withdrew from the tournament and took a break from tennis for a few months.

Since then, a documentary series about her life has been released under eternal pressure on Netflix, and after returning to the courts at the Tokyo Games, she faces constant questions from journalists and fans, provoking her media restraint.

The first round of the US Open, which she had won twice, was not easy for her. The organizers included it as the highlight of the first day in the evening program on the largest tennis court in the world, Arthur Ash Stadium.

“I was nervous, I’m always in the first round, and especially here. It was incredible to walk on the court and hear the full stands applauding you,” Osaka said after the match.

Her opponent Marie Bouzková tried to use it and pushed hard on the opponent at the beginning of both sets, she forced eight breakballs. But the Japanese managed to turn them all away. This is mainly due to the excellent service.

“I started to think differently. I didn’t feel any pressure today. Yes, I was nervous, but only to give a good performance. And when I give it, I don’t care if I win or lose. So I said to myself, that if I play like this, I don’t mind that I don’t advance, “she admitted the apathy to the opponent’s break chances.

She kept a cool head at the post-match press conference as she faced unpleasant questions again. The journalists were interested in how it was possible that she was bothered by the media attention, and at the same time she likes to willingly pose sometimes even sparsely dressed on the front pages of magazines.

“Because I like fashion magazines very much. It’s a completely different world. Tennis players aren’t very lucky. Like that, when you take photos for Vogue, you meet a lot of interesting people, you talk to designers, for example,” the player defended.

She proved that she can relax not only in front of the lens, but also on the court, on Monday night. During the match, a little girl in the front row cheered her enthusiastically.

“You’re my heroine,” the fan called several times. After the changed swordball, the Japanese woman put on a veil and ran to give the girl a badge from the Olympic Games as a reward for persistent support.

“She was adorable, I don’t know if I perceived her because she had a more piercing voice than the others, but I heard her very well,” Osaka smirked.

Her supporters will have a chance to support her in the second round, where the current world troika will compete with Serbian Olga Danilovičová.


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