Ice Cube believes that BIG3 offers Carmelo Anthony the NBA path


When training camps and NBA preliminary games start later this month, Carmelo Anthony will probably not have a team.

Anthony played in 10 games with Houston rockets last season after a one-year deal with the minimum number of men. For the past four years he has technically been four teams (Oklahoma City, Atlanta, Houston and Chicago) in the past year but he is still unemployed at the NBA Gold All-Star winner of the NBA, 35 years of age .

Anthony's highlights playing basketball games against current NBA players are almost viral every week when social media Chris Brickley reminds them of the missing teams. On Monday, Anthony was shown crossing over Lakers guard, Danny Green, taking place in New York and looking like his own old man against a NBA twice champion. Earlier this summer, Anthony went together with Lakers ahead of Kyle Kuzma said. “Melo is now better than half the league. There is no question about it. It should be a team now. It remains one of the best players. I don't really understand the defamatory people who wear it. Perhaps that is how today's society is right now. ”

Dwyane Wade, who was in the 2003 draft class as Anthony, watched him practicing and talking to him regularly and hopes that he gets the chance to show teams he can still play. He would like to see him leaving the game on his terms as Wade did last season when he announced his retirement.

“I am a great friend and a great friend and I am very disappointed that he is not in the NBA because he does not deserve this as a person,” Wade said. “Melo is one of the best people I know and many people don't know about things that have been said about it before. We hope that he gets the opportunity to have a team this season because he has enough to offer the right team the right role and the right situation. I want him to be able to put an end to his career as he wants to put an end to it. He deserves to be carrying the torch for this game and has done so much for the leagues and the US Team in the Olympics. It's better than that. ”

Anthony recently said that his representatives reached the Lakers and the clippers but nothing is about to happen. According to Ice Cube, co-founder BIG3, Anthony likes to be back in the NBA but he believes that the best path can be going into a three-on-three professional basketball league. Joe Johnson, 38, was recently named as BIG3 MVP and is expected to sign with an NBA team before the start of the training camp.

The star of the Lakers, LeBron James, on the left, near Houston Rockets and Carmelo Anthony stand ahead during a match on October 20, 2018.

The star of the Lakers, LeBron James, on the left, near Houston Rockets and Carmelo Anthony stand ahead during a match on October 20, 2018.

(Getty Images)

“I think Carmelo would be great in the BIG3 but I believe that some people have stigma about the BIG3,” said Cube. “When you go to the BIG3 your career is around but it's not true. When the NBA allows you to go, your career is around but you can become a pro here. The BIG3 is the place where you continue your basketball career and these guys understand that this stigma will be there. Watch Joe Johnson, he showed what he could do in the BIG3 and he will be back in the NBA. Carmelo could do the same if he wants. ”

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Blake Griffin made the Clippers a smile to one of the best NBA teams during his eight year career in Los Angeles. He said that he believes all the clippers have to make a championship this season after they get Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, he says that he believes it is a stretch that they believe they will ever win.

“It's exciting for L .. basketball with what the Lakers and the Clippers did but the force is the Lakers”, Griffin said. “I said this when I was here but I don't think you're going to take that away but at least they're trying to raise the competition and make a battle. It will be fun looking at it. ”

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The Rams and New Orleans Saints were regional competitors from 1970 to 2001 but they want to fight with Aaron Donald.

“I think you can say it's a competition now,” said Donald. “I think we play the Saints every single season and it's usually a dogfight when we go back and forth. Both teams have a lot of history. You can say it certainly after what happened last year. We look forward to another great game Sunday. These are the types of games you live on. ”

Rams protection defense Aaron looks during a preseason game against the Cowboys Dallas in Hawaii last month.

Rams protection defense Aaron looks during a preseason game against the Cowboys Dallas in Hawaii last month.

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In addition to last season's NFC championship game, both teams played each season since the Rams moved back to Los Angeles in 2016.

The move was a great success for the team as well as star-players like Donald, who said they are in L.A. they have open doors for endorsement dealings that would not otherwise be available to them. For example, it is a new Pizza Hut traffic that will ventilate during Sunday's game.

“So I have lots of great opportunities in Los Angeles,” said Donald. “Any time you get a chance to do something outside of football it is definitely a blessing.” T

It helps to be in Los Angeles but so I am a winning team and Donald expects the Rams to build their success on two Sean McVay seasons as head of coach and that they will be a championship team this season.

“He gave a resolute attitude and has accountable people,” said Donald. “That's what we want as a team. He will always find ways to improve us as a team. He is a young coach, hungry to be great and never happy. He comes from the team. We have been successful in the last two years but I believe this could be the year in which we can win it. We went to the Super Bowl last season but we want to go back and win it this time. ”


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