In a break with the past, Rome lets the best on a charity ship to the port of Italy


ROME (Reuters) – the new Italian government allowed a French charity ship to return 82 migrants on Saturdays as a result of a apparent reversal of a closed policy, the previous administration closed.

However, Minister for Foreign Affairs, Luigi Di Maio, who heads the 5-Star Movement in the ruling coalition government, said Ocean Ocean did not have access to the southern island of Lampedusa but many of those who had been agreed by other European states. on the table.

The government formally took office on Tuesday, promising a fresh approach to migration following the hard migration of lifeboats brought in by former minister Matteo Salvini, who will lead the right league.

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said on Thursday that “some EU countries” agreed to take Africa on board the Viking Ocean but did not give further details. The ship is run by French charities SOS Mediterranee and Doctors Without Borders.

He took the emigrants from Libya earlier this week and asked both Italy and Malta to get a dock. Such applications have recently been refused from other boats, leaving migrants stranded at sea for long periods of time.

The Democratic Party (PD) suggested that the center, which replaced the Treaty in the regulatory coalition, left the announcement that Lampedusa was given access to the vessel.

“The Government has designated a safe port for the Ocean Ocean and many European countries will welcome migrants. This is the end of Salvini's propaganda on the face of desperate people at sea, ”said Culture Minister Dario Franceschini.

Salvini's hard line of immigration disrupted the popularity of his League league, which drew his coalition with the 5-Star last month as a major attempt to stimulate new elections. He presented a decision on Saturday.

“The new government is re-opening the ports. Italy is back as Europe's REFUGEE CAMP. (These are) insults that hate the Italians, ”wrote Salvini on Twitter.

During her 14-month ministry inside, Salvini introduced rules that prevent lifeboats from entering Italian waters, saying Italy had too much responsibility for handling African migration to Europe.

There were ships that put the order in jeopardy and were threatened with fines up to a million euro ($ 1.1 million).

The 5-Star Movement accepted these measures and Di Maio told Saturday reporters that the new government did not change a course. He said the Ocean Viking was not being admitted to Lampedusa because EU states had agreed to help those who were on board.

“There is a big misconception that the Viking Ocean has been assigned a safe port,” he said in Rome.

“It must be clear, even in the past with the previous government, that our goal was to ensure that those migrants who came to Italy were redistributed to other European countries and that new mechanisms were in place. and creating new automated responses that allow us to redistribute (migrants). ”

The government has not included details of any new system for sharing migrants. Salvini said that such a plan had failed before, and that the neighbors of the EU were pulling their feet to bring in the new people, leaving them effectively in Italy.

Reporting by Crispian Balmer; Edited by Mark Potter and Christina Fincher

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