In search of the secrets of one of the last Roman settlements


The City Council of Blanes has begun the procedures for excavar la penya dels Padrets, where there is an archaeological site dating back to Roman times. This is one of the last Roman populations in Catalonia that are still underground. The area, which is located in the Sa Massaneda district of the jungle municipality, would have welcomed the city of Blanda.

Before starting the excavations, the City Council will have to build a retaining wall to stabilize the slope. Construction is expected to begin this December and later a first excavation will be made to delimit the scope of the site. It is estimated that in the Padres there could be constructions made between 75 before Christ (BC) and 50 after Christ (DC).

In the 1970s, a first excavation took place in the area that allowed to identify some Roman houses arranged perpendicular to the ground. Now, the objective is to be able to analyze in more detail all the buildings that were in this urban nucleus during the Roman period.

According to the director of the Municipal Archive of Blanes, Toni Reyes, lThe remains in the Padrets could be contemporary in two other cities which have prominent deposits from the beginning of Roman times, Iluro (Mataró) and Bétulo (Badalona). In any case, the white deposit is expected to be smaller.

In view of the first report on the perimeter of the site, the City Council of Blanes has commissioned the Atri, Culture and Heritage company for 4,5000 euros. This is the same as other Roman excavations in the Selva, such as Caldes de Malavella. After the report to be held this December, the excavations will be scheduled. The City Council of Blanes has allocated 615,600 euros for the entire project, including the museumization of the remains. Part of the financing comes from the General Plan for Works and Services (PUOSC).

Clearing tasks

Before starting the preliminary work on the site, the City Council is already taking action on the ground to have it all ready and go ahead work. For this reason, a few days ago, a good part of the surface was cleared and it will be finished preparing with the action of a retro-excavator supervised by technicians so that the preliminary works can be done in the most effective way, according to reported in a statement by the City Council of Blanes.

The preparations also include an action of collaboration and citizen awareness that has the full involvement of the neighbors of Sa Massaneda. On Sunday, December 1, a cleaning day was organized with a group of volunteers and volunteers, with the aim of cleaning up the remains of rubbish that accumulate, especially inside a large receptacle there it has to the top of the rock.

The conference is organized by the Town Council of Blanes, with the collaboration of the Area of ​​Waste and Cleaning of Waste and Engineering, Civil Protection, the Municipal Archive and the Mayor's Area. It will start at 10 in the morning and it is hoped that it will be ready at 12 noon, since with the clearance made a few days ago, a lot of the dirt that had been accumulated has already been removed.

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