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In the video, an “old” car beats the adults in the Dakar Rally

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An old Vanette Datsun car has sparked interactions among social media pioneers, after a video spread showing its driver’s ability to outperform a modified car in the Dakar Rally in Saudi Arabia.

Activists and local newspapers circulated the video clip amid a variety of comments between wit, astonishment and risk, considering that the “Duston Vanette” vehicle does not have the necessary modifications to drive at such high speeds in the desert compared to the fully equipped Dakar Rally vehicles.

This case was documented by the photographer on the plane, and after a distance of follow-up to the racing vehicle and then exceeding it, estimated at about 500 meters, the intruder car left the race track.

Mishaal bin Nayef Al-Shalawi, in his interview with the Saudi newspaper, Sabq, tells the story of that incident that took place in no more than two minutes, but it spread and was widely circulated, saying: “I took my vehicle of the Nissan 2015 model year, accompanied by a friend, and we headed Together for the halal barn that we own in order to close it, after a circular from the competent authorities directed to the owners of sheep and halal in the Abu Raka Center, southeast of Taif, not to take out halal, yesterday, Friday.

He continued, “In the meantime, about a kilometer away, we saw the rally cars coming through their designated track, which prompted me to move and follow one of the cars in order to photograph it and document the event that I am happy with, as I have been in love with this sport and have been interested in it for 6 years.”

He added: “Then I and my assistant found myself, while we were on board, running parallel to the racing car, which was topped by a helicopter, on a track unrelated to the race track, with a distance of about 50 meters between us. Which made me more excited to overtake the race car at speed and I was able to do that.”

He concluded: “Then I left the event, which lasted about two minutes, and returned to the halal site.”

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