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IndiHome Customer Compensation Details, Available Today


Telkom promised compensation due to IndiHome internet connection service being down on Sunday (19/9). Compensation can be obtained starting today. Anything? The first is to open all channels on IndiHome for affected users.

“Telkom will compensate affected customers by opening all channels on IndiHome TV starting September 26, 2021 until October 15, 2021. To activate the opening of all channels, customers only need to restart STB,” said Vice President Marketing Management Telkom, E Kurniawan to detikINET.

In addition there are also relief in terms of payment. “Telkom enforces a policy of delaying billing payments from September 20 to September 25, and eliminating late payment penalties,” added E Kurniawan.

As for the bill compensation obtained in accordance with the service level guarantee for each customer and considering the affected areas, customers can contact the 147 call center or visit the nearest Plaza Telkom.

Currently, IndiHome’s internet service connection is 100% normal again after customers in several locations including Central Java, East Java, Bali, Nusa Tenggara, Kalimantan, and Eastern Indonesia had difficulty surfing the internet.

The disruption to IndiHome and Telkomsel services was caused by a disruption in the Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan (Jasuka) Sea Cable Communication System (SKKL) for the Batam-Pontianak section.

It is still not clear what caused the disturbance. So far, the state-owned company said the disturbance was identified as originating from a point about 1.5 kilometers off the coast of Batam at a depth of 20 meters below sea level.

Telkom’s Vice President of Corporate Communications, Pujo Pramono, said that his party is currently preparing the team, cableship and all the needs to speed up cable connection. “It is estimated that the repair of this submarine cable will be completed in the second week of October or even sooner,” said Pujo.

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