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Initially accused of spying, this lecturer was apparently detained by Iran for dating an Israeli citizen

KOMPAS.com – A lecturer origin Australia who was detained at Iran for 804 days apparently arrested for dating a resident Israel, according to a report.

Lecturer named Kylie Moore-Gilbert was released from detention on Thursday (26/11/2020) as reported from New York Post.

The Anglo-Australian lecturer was released after the Australian Government secretly arranged an exchange with Iran.

Australian newspaper, The Age, reported that the exchange with Iran even involved Thailand.

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Initially, Kylie was stopped at Tehran airport, Iran, in 2018 on false accusations that she was a spy.

But now, senior government and diplomatic officials say the real reason behind Kylie’s detention.

They said that Iranian officials learned that Kylie was romantically involved with an Israeli citizen.

Kylie was initially sentenced to 10 years in prison on espionage charges, which Kylie and the Australian Government deny.

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Australian authorities including Australian Foreign Minister Maris Payne pursued a secret diplomacy strategy for 12 months and have not commented publicly on the case due to its sensitive nature.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison declined to discuss details of the lecturer release at University of Melbourne the.

Morrison only expressed relief that Kylie was safe on her way back to Australia.

“For reasons of protecting the safety of all other Australians who are potentially in difficult situations, Australian Government practice always deals with matters very wisely,” Morrison said.

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The Australian Ambassador to Thailand, Allan McKinnon, lobbied Thai officials to release the three Iranian terrorists in exchange for the University of Melbourne lecturer.

Her family said they were relieved and excited about Kylie’s return to Australia.

Meanwhile, Kylie expressed her love and admiration for the great Iranian nation and its warm-hearted, generous and courageous people.

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