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Insta360 launches’Insta360 GO 2′, a miniature thumb-sized action cam

Insta360, a leader in the 360-degree camera field, announced on the 11th that it has released an ultra-compact action cam’Insta360 GO 2’that is only 26.5g, equipped with various shooting modes and editing functions.

The’Instar 360 GO 2′, which is produced in the world’s smallest size of 52.9×23.6×20.7mm, is ultra-compact and ultra-light. Support to capture the moment.

Compared to the existing action cams equipped with the same high-performance hardware, it boasts a compact size that is about the size of a thumb, which is 6 times smaller, but also consumes less power. A 1/2.3 inch image sensor is built in to provide clear and detailed ultra-wide angle shooting and 1440p high resolution Video shooting is possible.

Insta360 GO 2 [사진=인스타360]

If you want to capture an expansive landscape, you can use the’Ultra Wide’ of 120 degrees, and the’Action View’ mode of 110 degrees, which is perfect for first-person perspective, when enjoying dynamic sports.It is possible to shoot suitable for the surrounding environment and the desired setting.

In addition, through simple operation, you can compress the action with hyperlapse of up to 6x speed, or highlight important moments with the super slow motion function, and time-lapse shooting is also possible. In addition, it supports a night shooting mode that enables clear shooting even in the dark.

With the’Insta360 GO 2”s small form factor and a number of standard accessories that come with it, you can capture all the angles you want.

A strong magnet is built into the body, so it is easy to attach and detach the action cam through a magnetic pendant, and it provides a’Easy Clip’ that can be easily attached to hats, headbands, clothes or bags, so you can quickly prepare and proceed to shoot. .

In addition, thanks to Insta360’s excellent anti-shake technology,’FlowState’ and an algorithm designed to allow horizontal adjustment, users can enjoy intense activities such as running, jumping, or riding regardless of where the Action Cam is mounted, but it is like a high-end gimbal. You can get a stable and smooth result as if it was shot with.

In particular, when using an interlocked app, you can preview the video captured in real time through a Wi-Fi connection without a cable and adjust the settings immediately. After shooting, various editing functions can be supported to enhance the completeness of the video.

If you are not comfortable editing, you can get the help of’FlashCut 2.0′ technology, which is an AI-based automatic video editing function. When you select a template with a variety of themes such as sports, travel, pets, or the moment you want, FlashCut 2.0 technology automatically edits the video clip into a single story, highlighting the best moments with appropriate beats and background music. It is also good for users to use.

It also provides a portable charging case that allows quick and easy charging while on the go. When using the charging case, it can be charged in 30 minutes, and it boasts a powerful battery that can be used for up to 150 minutes.

In addition, it can be used as a remote control, a tripod, or a hand-held grip for taking selfies, providing more than a simple charging case. Also, there is a 1/4-inch mounting point (screw hole) that can be attached to a selfie stick for utility. Very high.

Another advantage is that if you use the Bluetooth connection function built into the charging case, you can freely control the Action Cam even from a distance of up to 10m.

With IPX8 waterproof rating that can be used up to 4m deep without worrying about submersion, it is useful for water leisure such as surfing and swimming, and for sunbathing on the beach. The lens protector made of toughened glass that is durable and resistant to scratches can be replaced with various filters on a sunny day. Edo can bring out a balanced sense of color and contrast.

‘Insta360 GO 2’sells a package that includes a charging case, a magnetic pendant, a quick clip, a holder, and a lens protector at the Instagram360 official store.

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