Iran says that he seized another Oil Tanker in the Gulf of Persian


A foreign oil tanker seized by BEIRUT, Lebanon – Iran in the Gulf of Persians said it was “smuggling” fuel for some Arab states, which reported Sunday TV, the third time Tehran reported that an oil tanker was being detained In recent months, the United States has implemented a “maximum pressure” campaign, sanctions and diplomatic isolation.

The Islamic Revolutionary Garda Corps kept the tanker on Wednesday, according to an Iranian naval commander, as well as seven members of the ship's foreign team.

The Trump administration has endeavored to implement Iran through the elimination of oil sales, the cornerstone of the country's economy. Iran responded by contradicting the West through small and large incitements – including recent tanker seizures – raising concerns that inaccurate responses and exploration would rise.

The stated goal of the Trump is to remove Iran's nuclear deal more favorable to the interests of America than the 2015 agreement which was abandoned by President Trump last year. Critics, however, say that the administration did not undermine any diplomacy by claiming that Iran cannot accept it.

The Iranians have subsequently taken steps to achieve their commitments under the 2015 deal and are in danger of further breaching the agreement if European countries that have signed the agreement do not give some relief from the sanctions. The Europeans have said that they are hoping to preserve the deal, but they could not give a meaningful boost to Iran's economy, which is dependent on the sanctions.

This results in a divide between Europe and the United States despite its common interest ensuring that essential oil shipping routes are protected in Persian against Iranian and other threats. The Trump administration has attempted to compile a maritime force to escort ships through the Gulf, but the European nations have been trying to reach themselves, and Germany fully states that it is not.

The latest foreign vessel from Iran said that it had seized fuel from other ships and was being transported to Arab countries in the Persian Gulf, the commander in the Second Marine Corps from Iran said in a statement. Fars News Agency. The ship was maintained in cooperation with judicial authorities, he said.

The commander said that the ship carried approximately 700,000 liters of fuel, about 185,000 US standard gallons. Iran's semi-official news agency said on Twitter to Twitter “Seven foreign nationals” were detained.. The news agency Mehr reported that the ship was seized near Farsi Island, a small unusual territory in Iran north of the Hormuz Narrows.

The revolutionary Garda statement stated that the ship south of the island of Larak, Iran, in the northern part of the Narrows of Hormuz, seized the narrow waterway which is a vital route for marine petroleum traffic in and out of the Persian Gulf.

The oil tanker was then transferred to Province Bushehr, said the statement, and sent his cargo to the National Oil Distribution Company's department in the same province, Mehr reported. No additional data was provided, including who owns the vessel and the nationalities of staff members seized.

In July, there was the Islamic Revolutionary Garda Corps retained foreign oil tanker said he was smuggling fuel, state news media reported.

The latest seizure was reported a day after the United States imposed sanctions on Iran's foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, an American-educated diplomat who was the main negotiator for the 2015 nuclear deal between Western and Tehran powers. American officials said that the foreign minister is part of a “promotional hand” for Iran. But experts said it would be more difficult to sanction any new diplomacy. Iranian officials asked that the move was soft and provocative.

Iran and the West were disputed about navigation near the Hormuz Strait as the European countries were able to save the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran after Mr Trump reached the United States last year.

Britain seized Iranian tanker Grace 1 off the coast of Gibraltar in July, stating that the ship in charge of Syria was in breach of European Union sanctions. Iran seized piracy action and persuaded Britain to act on behalf of Washington.

Later that month, Revolutionary Garda troops held a British flag tanker, Stena Impero, near the Hormuz Strait, opposing the violation of “three naval international regulation”.


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