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Is it true that drinking milk makes children taller?

KOMPAS.com – Many parents wonder, how tall will their child be? Not infrequently various efforts are made to make their children have a height exceeding their parents.

However, there are many factors that determine a child’s height. The factor that plays the biggest role is genetics. Other factors are nutrition, growth hormone, and good body health.

Pediatrician at Pondok Indah Hospital dr. AAA Putu Indah Pratiwi, Sp.A said, so that children can reach their optimal height, give children good nutrition, invite them to exercise and do regular physical activities, and make sure children get enough sleep.

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while. RSPI Pediatrician at Pondok Indah Hospital dr. AAA. Putu Indah Pratiwi, Sp.A

“What sport is the best? There is no special sport that affects the child’s height, but exercise will make the child grow up healthy and provide positive energy for the child,” said dr. Putu told Kompas.com.

He emphasized that the results of the study showed that there was no special milk or supplement to increase children’s height.

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“Milk is a good source of calcium and calcium is good for bone growth, but a child’s height is not affected by milk consumption,” he said.

If the child does appear to be shorter than his friends, he recommends conducting further examinations with a pediatrician, to find out whether the child’s height is still within his potential height.

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