Israel's targeted leader will send the Palestinian leader a cool message to Hamas


For years, the Islamic group Jihad of Palestine, the second most powerful faction in the Gaza Strip, has been attempting to play a leading role in Palestinian affairs, often staring at Hamas. , the armed militia ruled the enclosure for almost 12 years.

In Israel and the West, both entities are widely regarded as terrorist groups. In the contest between the two, Hamas' expanded responsibilities include the management of daily life in Gaza, while Islamic Jihad remains in the secondary role of a paramilitary group that threatens and contributes to Israel and Egypt among others. .

From an Israeli perspective, “Hamas is no better,” said Amos Gilead, executive director of the Policy and Strategy Institute at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya. “But because it is responsible for the population of Gazan, you can at least predict its actions. With Islamic Jihad, well, there is nothing to do. ”

On Tuesday, Israel went after the group, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that Israel's air force killed “arch terrorist” Bahaa abu Atta, 42, Islamic commander Jihad, in a day surgical strike where his wife , Asma, also died. Islamic Jihad left aside with almost 200 missiles fired into Israel, which hit back with airports who left eight dead in Gaza, said the authorities there. No Israel was reported killed in day combat.

Abu Atta by Israel is responsible for hundreds of missiles sent into its territory, including an extremely terrible movement on 10 September, where rockets went in the city of Ashdod city at the moment. Netanyahu addressed his loyal partner's audience at an event campaign a week before elections.

Rocket released November 12, 2019, towards southern Israel from the City of Gaza.

Rocket released November 12, 2019, towards southern Israel from the City of Gaza.

(AFP / Getty Images)

Netanyahu's comments on Tuesday, which were broadcast live on his Facebook page, were interrupted by the crushed shell of the air raid seirens and sight of his governors jumping on the scene and whispering the safety in front of a stall audience.

But for every apparent pride of Netanyahu from the successful operation, it again proved to Israel and the Palestinians how sensitive the status quo is.

Tuesday departed almost a day in the war, and Jihad's Islamic rays reached as far north as Tel Aviv, Israel's economic center, and paralyzed much of the country. Islamic Jihad receives his support from Iran.

At least one house and factory were demolished through direct strikes, but the lack of deaths on the Israeli side demonstrated the success of the iron anti-friction system, an extensive network of civil defense installations of the country, and a population trained to the Home Front Command commands.

In Tel Aviv and surrounding cities, and in southern Israel as a whole, children were kept home from school and many businesses were brought together. The barrage continued until the evening but it was tormented after midnight.

The Palestinian Authority, which has a controversial relationship with Hamas and Islamic Jihad, seemed to have seen the fact that the chief negotiator Saeb Erekat criticized Israel's action as a "crime." Hamas and Islamic Jihad issued statements criticizing treason Abu Atta and threat of continued retaliation.

Fathi Sabbah, Gazan writer and political analyst, said in an interview that “Hamas will be thinking a thousand times before he gets to grips with Israel.” He said: “Hamas seems to be suffering from full control, giving Abu Atta space to attacks on Israel sent without coordination. ”

There is indifference on all sides, between Israel and Palestinians and within each population.

Netanyahu is in charge of a caretaker government for nearly a year and failed, after two rough election campaigns, to establish a new government.

On Tuesday, Gaza and crazy calling, Trump's President seemed to have been despicable but was wasted by the tendency of Netanyahu.

A New York fundraiser for Orthodox Jews thought: “What kind of system is there? They are all fighting and fighting … They always keep elections and no one is elected. ”

Violence against violence and the disruption to civilian life has come to Netanyahu's precarious time, which is expected to be reflected in a number of corruption, including bribery, fraud and breach of trust, before the end of the year.

Former army chief Benny Gantz, the middle-left leader who severely affected Netanyahu in the vote in September and failed to win a parliamentary majority, left a week to leave a new government mandate before the total morality of the Knesset, Israel is the parliament, which is disadvantaged itself. The outstanding cycle could continue in the third consecutive election.

Netanyahu spent much of the day before Abu Atta killed a dark warning against Israel against Gantz's possible coalition with left parties of the center. “A minority government supported by the Arab parties is an obstacle to the face of soldiers (Israel) and the danger to Israel's situation,” he said.

Arab citizens account for 20% of Israel's population. Palestinians are not Israeli citizens living in the West Bank and Gaza.

While military officers argued that the timing of the operation of Abu Atta was entirely a right – as it was a target, the Jihadist usually visited himself with women and children – Netanyahu did not fully guarantee the security of the country .

Special correspondents reported Tarnopolsky and Abu Alouf from Jerusalem and Chaza City, respectively.


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