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It is believed that the incarnation of a god, the dictatorial family of North Korea is considered too perfect to pee, Kim Jong Un’s excrement is even treated ‘special’ – all pages

Sosok.ID – North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, known to be cruel by the international community.

Just like his grandfather and father, Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il, Kim Jong Un also so respected by its citizens.

More precisely, Kim’s family is greatly adored by her people.

Even from a young age, North Korean citizens have been intensely indoctrinated about Kim’s influence, and how influential the family is.

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Reporting from express.co.uk on Saturday (19/9/2020), in every academic setting, from elementary school to university, people were taught that Kim Jong Un and his family are so important to North Korea.

In his 2018 Vox report, journalist Yochi Dreazen spoke with several North Korean experts who revealed how extreme the propaganda program there is.

One of the former South Korean generals, In Bum Chun, explained that the North Korean people have been indoctrinated from childhood with the belief that Kim and his family are gods whose rule must be protected at all costs.

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“Throughout their life, they are not aware that they have been brainwashed,” said In Bum Chun.

Kang Chol-hwan is a North Korean defector who was imprisoned in the Yodok concentration camp for 10 years.

After escaping from North Korea in 1992, he wrote a book entitled “Pyongyang Aquarium” in 2001 and describes his experiences.

In one of his writings, he wrote that North Koreans believed that the Kim family were direct descendants of a god.

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“When I was a child and to all my friends, Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il were perfect beings, untainted by basic human functions.”

“Sangking perfectly, neither of them urinate or defecate.”

Even in his 1992 memoir, “With the Century”, Kim Il-sung once revealed his family’s intention to carve out a god-like appearance.

South Korean news site Daily NK once reported that Kim Jong Un has a special toilet.

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Kim is also said to have never left the house without his private toilet.

In his car, there was always an emergency potty.

Then, among the procession, there was a special car designed as Kim Jong Un’s toilet.

The reason is not just that Kim Jong Un refuses to use public toilets.

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Interviewed by The Washington Post, a former member of the North Korean Protection Command unit, Lee Yun-Keol, said that Kim Jong Un’s private toilet is one of the national security protocols.

“Kim Jong Un’s excrement contains information about his health status so that he cannot just leave it,” he said.

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