"It was the ideal friend, it is a big loss for the cinema", the director Claude Lelouch reacted to the death of Charles Gérard


After the death of actor and director Charles Gérard at the age of 96, his friend Claude Lelouch reacted on franceinfo. "This is the boyfriend in life, you could call at any time of day and night," said the director with emotion.

After the death of Charles Gérard on Thursday at the age of 96, eternal supporting actor and great friend of Jean-Paul Belmondo, the director Claude Lelouch, that he made it played in many films, paid tribute to the actor on franceinfo.

"It's a big loss", says the French director, "because he was the ideal friend, he really was a man who constantly brought his talent because he was ideally spontaneous."

Claude Lelouch paid tribute to the one who was "not only the boyfriend on the screen but also the boyfriend in life, who could be called at any time of day and night, he was always there to make us laugh and to mess because it is important in life, it's a big loss for the cinema. "

The director of "Adventure is adventure" also gave his vision of a great supporting role, that of Charles Gerard: "It's someone who makes you shine and you can not be a great supporting act if you're not already in a leading role."

"With Lino Ventura for example in" Adventure is adventure ", there is no supporting role, I consider that it also has a great role" concluded the director.


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