Ivorian singer DJ Arafat dies at the age of 33


One of the big stars of African music has just disappeared. Ivorian singer DJ Arafat died on Monday at the age of 33. "Death of the artist DJ Arafat, his real name Houon Ange Didier, Monday, August 12 at 8 am (local and GMT), the result of a traffic accident that occurred in the night of Sunday" to Monday in Abidjan, said the RTI on his Twitter account.

Ambassador of the coupé-shifted, DJ Arafat had been the victim of a motorcycle accident led by a journalist of Radio Côte d'Ivoire in the night of Sunday to Monday, according to Jeune Afrique. Unconscious, he was "admitted to emergencies in a vegetative state" and he suffered including a broken skull and edema, "said a doctor.

Two ministers of the Ivorian government, who had gone to the bedside of the artist, also confirmed the death to Jeune Afrique. The Ivorian Minister of Culture Maurice Kouakou Bandaman "offers his condolences to the family and music lovers", and arrangements will be made for "a tribute to the artist," according to a statement released by the RTI.

A "huge star" in Africa

"The boy is gone. He lived like a shooting star. We are all collapsed, reacted A'salfo, the leader of Magic System, interviewed by Jeune Afrique. In the style of zouglou, internationally, there is Magic System. For the cut-off, it was DJ Arafat … It's a big loss for Ivorian music. "

"We are all in shock," told AFP Ickx Fontaine, producer and specialist of hip-hop. Named "Best Artist of the Year" at the 2016 and 2017 Shifted Coupé Awards, DJ Arafat was "at the top level for 15 years and his first hit" Tribute to Jonathan ". It was impressive ".

VIDEO. DJ Arafat's "Tribute to Jonathan"

A few years ago, DJ Arafat joined the label of Master Gims, Sea Monster, which allowed him to set foot on Universal, a record label that saw an opportunity to develop Afro, a music particularly at the fashion in Europe. His last album, "Renaissance", was released in France last December.

"He had an exceptional talent, it is a model for all the stars who are inspired by the Afro music in France, like Master Gims, with whom he collaborated a lot, MHD, Naza and even Dadju, explains the Parisian a frame from Universal France. It's a huge star on the continent, just like a Fally Ipupa. He has fifteen years of career behind him. His music is incredibly creative and has inspired many artists far beyond Africa. It goes beyond current standards, it was a true artist who became a very young star. "

Without having ever made a title with him, the 33-year-old artist was close to rapper Booba. A bad boy with a handsome physique, the sulphurous side of DJ Arafat has earned him the right to be qualified by the local media for "Ivorian Booba".


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