J.J. Best – time kickers. T


UCLA kicker J.J. Molson and the eighth-generation descendant of John MolsonNorth America's oldest brewery. Most brewer by volume.

It 's more than a cool historical tidbit that Molson can trot out; . t Wade Lees.

“It's a little funny with a wack that will make a big kick, I'll give him a six-pack of Molson,” Molson some sobering clarification. “No, no, no, just joking. . ”

Both Molson and Lees are of legal drinking age. Australian rules football, one of the oldest players in college football at 31

(C). T

“After I graduate maybe,” Molson said. “But now, we locked into the season.”

Molson could be on the verge of a special season. The senior will enter it
  with the
 seventh most made field goals (43) in UCLA history, and 11th career scoring list (240 points).

Maybe nobody is
 better versed in
 legacy at his position.

“Oh no, for sure,” Molson said. “Kai Forbath, John Lee, Chris Sailer, those guys before me. ”

In the couple of months. 50-yard field goal against Colorado yards in practice.

Also working with a new holder. Lees represents the fifth holder t Mike Fafaul and Adam Searl from her freshman, Stefan Flintoft from her sophomore and Matt Lynch from a junior. Molson shifted to. Tpresented on his transition from quarterback to tight end. T

The change is shown on Molson.

“Wade and dude from Australia,” Molson said, “it is kind of eases me down before I kick.”

Last season was filled with frustrating moments t
 after he converted 14 of 19 field goals. He twice ship seed
lengthened the distance on the attempts.

"Last year", "Molson said," and even though I did not know my friends. ”

Is also a trusting his voice. Among teammates in his bid to reinforce the team core values. T

"," He said, "he said," . ”

Of course, the younger players can't join
21. T

Injury updates

Running back Kazmeir Allen wales and the joys of the unspecified injury. He joined running back Joshua Kelley and receivers Theo Howard, Dymond Lee and Michael Ezeike. t

Offensive linemen Alec Anderson and Sam Marrazzo. t = to open the media. t Freshman Old Rhyan should be lined up until the Aug. 29
season opener against Cincinnati.


Long snapper Johnny Den Bleyker, of sport and bald headless being a decade younger than Lees: “Don't get it wrong, I'm the old guy of the group. . T


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