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Jabra sells up to 15% on two fully wireless models with ANC-AV Watch

“Jabra Elite 85t” (gray)

GN Audio Japan will run a campaign to sell up to 15% off the popular colors of the Jabra Elite 75t and Jabra Elite 85t fully wireless earphones with Jabra brand active noise canceling (ANC) until September 29th. doing. The discount rate is 15% for the Elite 75t and 10% for the Elite 85t. On the direct sales site, the Elite 75t is sold for 12,760 yen and the Elite 85t for 26,400 yen.

The target body colors are titanium black and gold beige for the Elite 75t, and titanium black, gold beige and gray for the Elite 85t.

Both models are equipped with a hear-through function in addition to ANC, and can capture external sounds as needed. In addition, the Elite 85t’s ANC function is “Jabra Advanced Active Noise Canceling,” which allows you to adjust the intensity in a hybrid manner, and is ideal for users who demand more accurate and controllable noise canceling performance.

Elite 75t

“Jabra Elite 75t” (Titanium Black)

Earphones announced at IFA 2019 held in September 2019. While maintaining the performance of the conventional product, a compact housing has been adopted to improve the fit. Furthermore, the battery time has been improved, and “you can comfortably enjoy long hours of music and calls.”

Playback time when using ANC is 5.5 hours for earphones alone and up to 24 hours when used in combination with a charging case. The default setting is 7.5 hours for earphones alone and up to 28 hours for cases. The charging connector is USB Type-C. Compatible with IP55 dustproof and waterproof.

Adopts Bluetooth 5.0. Using the app “Jabra Sound +” (iOS / Android), it has an equalizer function that allows you to customize the sound quality to your liking.

The external dimensions are 21.9 x 19.4 x 16.2 mm for earphones and 62.4 x 36.6 x 27.0 mm for the charging case. The weight is 5.5g on both the left and right sides of the earphones. The charging case weighs 35g.

Elite 85t

“Jabra Elite 85t” (gold beige)

It is Bluetooth 5.1 compliant and the codec supports SBC and AAC. It uses a 12mm diameter driver to produce rich and powerful bass. Compatible with Siri and Google Assistant voice assistants. The level of hear-through that captures external sound can also be adjusted in 5 steps.

Playback time when using ANC is 5.5 hours with earphones alone. Up to 25 hours with a charging case. When ANC is off, the earphones can be played for 7 hours, and the case can be used for up to 31 hours. The charging case supports Qi standard wireless power supply. The charging port is USB Type-C.

It has waterproof performance equivalent to IPX4. The weight is 7g for one ear and 45.1g for the charging case.


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