Jacobo Fernndez wins the regional radial radio


Jacobo Fernández was proclaimed last weekend champion of Asturias radial laser to be the winner in the championship played in the waters of the Bay of San Lorenzo with the organization of Club Astur de Regatas.

On Saturday the three scheduled races were held, with little wind in the race course, always touching the minimum to be able to carry out the tests. In the first round Bruno González sailing solo on the left side of the field achieved a considerable distance in the first stage of the race, which earned him the inaugural race, followed by Jacobo Fernández and Juan Ruiz.

In the other two legs of the first day of competition, Jacobo Fernández was the best, placing himself at the head of the championship followed by Bruno González, who would score a second and a fourth place, while Alfonso Jaudenes with a fifth, a third and a second place would end in provisional third place.

On Sunday, two other tests were held. The wind again blew loose from the Northeast and the sea was like a plate.

Jacobo Fernandez ratified the good impressions he gave the previous day and was the first to cross the finish line in both tests, winning the Championship with solvency by scoring four victories and a second place in his box.

The runner-up went to Bruno Gonzalez, who on Sunday finished second in the two races, closing podium positions Alfonso Jaudenes, with a third and a second place.


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