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Japanese People Live a Long Life, This is the Secret


Japan is known to have more than 80,000 residents aged 100 years and over. Have a long life population, what’s the secret of Japan?

On Tuesday (15/9/2020) the Japanese Ministry of Health, Manpower and Welfare conveyed that the centenarian figure (people whose age reaches 100 years or more) has reached 80,450. Of these, 88.2 percent are women.

Japan is known as a country that has a high average life expectancy. The number of people long live in Japan it is influenced by a number of factors, from diet to avoiding stress.

Collected detikcom From various sources, the first factor that influences food, we can see that people Japan eat a fairly complete menu that is sufficient for daily nutrition. They will eat a portion of rice, fish, tofu, and seaweed vegetables.

This menu looks simple but is rich in carbohydrates, protein and vitamins. Especially for fish, it contains vitamin B6 which helps nourish the body. In addition, tofu or tofu is a low cholesterol food.

They also rarely consume fried foods and other fast food. Most Japanese food is cooked by boiling, steaming, and grilling so that the cholesterol content is minimal in the Japanese body.

In addition, Japan is also known to often serve green tea or ocha as a food companion. This green tea functions as an antioxidant.

The second secret is people Japan who remain active in old age. Unlike the life principle of most people who want to retire immediately, Japanese people want to keep working even in their 70s to 80s.

After retiring, Japanese people also still participate in community activities that make them connect with those around them. People in Okinawa, for example, they have a trick to living a healthy life without stress by connecting with one another, paying attention, and encouraging. They believe, a good relationship will prevent them from stress which is a source of disease.

Longevity in Japan it is also genetically influenced. According to research from the Okinawa Centenarian Study, people who live more than 100 years have a reduced genetic risk for autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. That means, the elderly in Japan pass on healthy genes to the generations below so that their lifespan can also be long.

These are a number of factors that make Japanese people live a long life. Tips such as regulating the food consumed, avoiding stress, and being always active can be an example of this traveler so that our bodies stay healthy until old age.



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