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Jawa 500 OHC was auctioned at 905 thousand crowns. And what about the Škoda 105 with 684 km?

On Saturday, an event called Retro Garage took place at the exhibition center in Lysá nad Labem. The program also included auctions of several interesting cars and motorcycles.

Retro Garage is primarily a large stock exchange and sales exhibition focused mainly on historic vehicles, but it also includes auctions. On Saturday, 20 machines were offered in this way – 14 motorcycles, one three-wheeled Velorex and 5 cars. Except for the Fiat 600D, all pieces were made in Czechoslovakia.

In the end, the rare Jawa 500 OHC from 1954 (type 15/01) was auctioned for the largest sum, for which the new owners, father and son, paid 905 thousand crowns. The reserve was set at 800,000.

The second highest amount then appeared at probably the most watched object of the auction: Skoda 105 in the basic version S. Although it is a car that is not clearly interesting in itself, sought after by collectors or rare, this particular specimen deserves attention due to its unique condition.

In the case of the “stopwatch”, we can even talk about a practically new car, the car from 1979 has driven only 684 kilometers so far. “The current owner bought it from the heir of the first owner. The first owner hardly drove the car and then for some reason put it on logs in a dry garage without windows. That’s why it looks like new, the paint is like a factory,” described the organizer Retro before the auction. Garages Pavel Kočí.

The Škoda 105 in the basic S version spent 42 years in the garage. She went to the auction after a revitalization service consisting of complete cleaning of the vehicle and fuel system, replacement of rubber hoses, inspection and overhaul of the brake system, change of operating fluids and oils. The Škoda is fully mobile, after a technical inspection and has Slovak documents. The new owner will also receive original documents such as the original invoice and warranty card.

The auction eventually stopped at 605 thousand crowns. The car was bought by a Slovak collector who, by the way, auctioned a Škoda 100 de Luxe for almost two million crowns in the Retro Garage this summer.

And other machines? You can see the results of the auction in the table.

Auction results
Model price
Java 555 13,000 CZK
Babetta 210 CZK 20,000
Java 20 Pawns 52,000 CZK
Java 555 31,000 CZK
Stadium S11 CZK 50,000
Stadion S22 CZK 45,000
ČZ 175/501 67,000 CZK
ČZ 175/502 128,000 CZK
Manet M-90 128,000 CZK
Java 350/634 CZK 188,000
Jawa 350/633 Bizon 175,000 CZK
Velorex 16/250 199,000 CZK
Java 250 Perak CZK 179,000
ČZ 175 “single exhaust” not sold
Java 500 OHC 01/15 905,000 CZK
Fiat 600D 190,000 CZK
Skoda 1000 MB 119,000 CZK
Skoda 1000 MB not sold
Škoda 1201 Sedan not sold
Škoda 105 S 605,000 CZK


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