Jewish German group says news article els fueled anti-Semitism '


BERLIN – An umbrella organization of the German Jewish groups alleged that an article in one of the country's leading magazines was fueled “anti-Semitism fueled.”

Central Jewish Council in Germany President Josef Schuster was commenting on an article published by Spiegel on Saturday from the German parliament denying the movement Boycott, Divest and Sanctions focusing on Israeli occupied territories.

The story of Spiegel suggests that two Jewish groups, WerteInitiative and Naffo, used “aggressive lobbying methods” to make the voters vote in May.

The non-binding resolution compared the economic boycott of the BDS campaign to Israeli and Israeli products to campaigns in Germany against Jewish-owned firms before the Holocaust.

Schuster told German newspaper Bild on Sunday that he thinks Spiegel's section uses “anti-Semitic clichés” and that he was “irresponsible and dangerous.”

A call and email to Spiegel's editorial office were not returned immediately.

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