"John and Yoko", in the truth of the couple John Lennon-Yoko Ono


Fifty years after Woodstock, Arte is blowing a breath of fresh air with his summer "Freedom of Summer" program, which opens with this documentary, full of unpublished archives, about John Lennon's post-Beatles.

"Yesterday", All we need is the Beatles

The day after the movie theatrical release Yesterday of Danny Boyle, inspired by the legendary group's success, this documentary, titled John and Yoko, has many testimonials: musicians, journalists or the son of John Lennon evoke the design of the album Conceived, released in 1971, and its eponymous title, which will make the fame of the solo career of the old idol of the sixties.

Yoko Ono, misunderstood by some of the audience

Moreover, Michael Epstein, who had already made a documentary in 2010 on the American period of Lennon, rehabilitates in 90 minutes a discrete personality, cursed fans of the English quartet separated in 1969 and descended in flames by an acerbic Anglo-Saxon press.

It must be said that Yoko Ono, the Japanese conceptual artist, whom he meets during one of his exhibitions in New York, remains blamed for his responsibility in the explosion of the group. Under dark glasses, dressed in a light blue silk blouse, the 86-year-old artist testifies to her childhood in Japan, reveals herself, de facto actant that she remains misunderstood by a part of the public, while her role in the composition of the album Conceived remains unknown.

The archival footage, mostly shot on the Tittenhurst Park couple's property, does not just show us John Lennon in the bathroom or at a snack bar. One of them, poignant, accounts for a surrealist discussion between Lennon and an ex-Vietnamese ex-soldier. The man is fascinated by the singer and takes the texts of his songs for gospel lyrics. The threatening madness of this fan can only arouse a painful echo premonitory to that of Mark Chapman, who will assassinate Lennon a few years later.

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