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Julio Iglesias’ twin daughters open up

Cristina and Victoria Iglesias have become two of the most influential young women on the international scene today. Pretty, humble and elegant, the twin daughters of Julio Iglesias and Miranda Rijnsburger star on the new cover of “Harper’s Bazaar” magazine. And it is that despite the fact that they have always remained in a discreet background, the sisters ask for passage and open, for the first time, the doors of their house in Ojén, Malaga, starring in their first pose for a fashion magazine.

Victoria and Cristina confess, in the pages of “Harper’s Bazaar”, what they are like, what their concerns are and, above all, what it means to belong to a family like hers and to be the daughters of one of the most famous singers of all time, Julio Iglesias. Humble, despite the fact that they could be the opposite, the young women say that “our father has always instilled a lot of discipline in us. We are aware of the privileges that life has given us, we are grateful and want to take advantage of the opportunities that have been presented to us since we were born ”.

The artist’s twin daughters, who are now 19 years old, have become two restless, committed young people with a thousand projects ahead: “People could say that we have had great advantages and it has certainly been that way. Anyway, that doesn’t mean that we live off the story, we have goals and we work very hard to make them come true. “

Victoria and Cristina reveal in the well-known publication that, although “we are different, we complement each other to get the best out of each one. We are adventurers, animal-loving athletes and loyal to the people around us ”. Regarding their relationship with the press – since they are the most followed since they came of age – the daughters of Julio Iglesias they confess that “it is hard to see things published that are not true about our father. He is fine, but from our experience, sometimes the press says things that are not true or exaggerates them. We are happy to say that we are all fine and healthy ”.

Proud of their Latin roots, the twins comment that although “we are very blonde, curiously no brother has taken blue eyes from Holland – since Miranda is from the Netherlands – We have the soul and eyes of Spanish”. In addition, they remember their fun childhood, of which they emphasize that “the best thing has been to be part of a large family. It’s great fun having siblings with so many age differences.

In addition to this intimate interview in which we finally get to know Cristina and Victoria better, “Harper’s Bazaar” offers us in its pages a complete and careful photographic report in which the blonde sisters pose as if they were real top models, boasting of its spectacular beauty.

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